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GH3 footage + Premiere CS6 + Resove 9 = In/Out Points messup; Timecode?
  • Sorry if this question has been proposed before.

    I shot some footage at 50fps on my GH3. After ocking a movie on Premiere (at 25fps) I moved it to Resolve 9 Lite via an XML file. For some unknown reason some clips (only some of them) show different in/out points than the Premiere version. All clips were shot in a 30 min time window. I suspect that it might be because of the Timecode settings of the original clips, inherited from GH3 settings (maybe cause it shifted from 3:xx:xx to 4:xx:xx during shooting?).

    What have I done wrong? If it's related to Timecode settings: How should I set my camera to prevent this from happening? How can I fix it in post (either Premiere or Resolve)?

    Thanks for answering!


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  • Did you transcode out of MTS when you edited in Premiere? I think Resolve support for native media out of the GH cameras is buggy at best.

  • Thank you Oedipax for your answer.

    The camera produces .mov files (50mbps) that can be read right away by Premiere and therefore Resolve. I believe .mts are produced by All-Intra (72mbps), that I don't use.

    Since I and 100% self taught, and learning (trying to) every day, let me ask you: how do you transcode a file in Pemiere? (is it on Footage Settings?)


  • By the way, I posted the same question on the Blackmagic forums (fora?). Someone (brilliantly) suggested that I should re-import my xml to Premiere and into a fresh new file. I did, and got the same in&out points messed up! So I guess this has nothing to do with Resolve.

    Any clue if this has to do with GH3 Timecode setup? How do you guys set up your camera?