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Adobe products are now for lease only
  • Adobe is making a major move into the cloud. The company has just announced the next version of its flagship digital editing tools, Creative Suite, and for the first time the new products will only be available through the company's online subscription service. Adobe previously offered standalone editions of each product, which users could choose to keep or upgrade as new editions were released, but now the only way to receive major feature updates to the product series will be to remain subscribed to the $49.99 per month service.


    So CS6 products is last one that you can own, all new you could lease for a month or longer :-)

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  • get ready. this will be the way of all software soon... you can thank bit torrent and pirate bay for this.

  • Fine. I have CS6 suite and Lightroom 4. If this is the end of Adobe's line RE paid software instead of subscriptionware, sleep lost = nil. I'll stand pat where I'm at. Ohhh, I don't get the Super Duper Smart Healing Brush, just the Merely Smart Healing Brush? Where's a rafter that'll support my weight when I kick the chair out from under my feet?

    Honestly, I'm getting off Adobe's crazy train if they move everything to subscriberware. Notwithstanding the glory that is Lightroom, they already rub me the wrong way for the most part, and now they're doubling down on that uneasiness? Okay then.

  • Just wondering peoples opinion on this per month rate. I'm going to upgrade from FCP7 soon and thought about going Adobe but this seems sort of high too me but I could be completely wrong.

  • @Shaveblog

    In fact it is quite expected.

    First, total control and instant updates that will soon become transparent and mandatable for everyone but corporate clients.

    Second, good income from corporate clients and beginners who otherwise did not bough their products. Only suffering guys will be small firms and inidviduals who work in small marginal markets.

  • i think they are floating this scheme to get everyone to rush and buy CS 6 Master Collection perpetual license, wait a year or until Apple releases their new 4K solutions, then say "we listened", here's CS7 for you to purchase...

    In the meanwhile, i expect CS 6 to be the most pirated software soon due to this pricing announcement...

    Bad press = better than no publicity?

  • In the meanwhile, i expect CS 6 to be the most pirated software soon due to this pricing announcement...

    I see huge logic flaws inthis. Most pirated software will be Adobe CC products :-)

  • @vicharris $50/month seems reasonable to me. You get a ton of software for that price (~17 software programs). Also, I think if you're a student or teacher, you can get it for $30/month. I'm sure the others on here have their reasons for not liking the pricing but I'm not sure what they are.

  • Also, currently you can also stop and start at any time. My card expired ... I didn't realize as I didn't try to use an adobe product for a couple of weeks. Just changed card details ... Didn't pay for the three weeks I didn't use it.

  • Free with every Adobe Creative Cloud subscription: Total Creative Spyware including Story Swiper ( steals script ideas and screenplays) , Stock Footage Burglar, and Harvey Weinstein's Firstlook ( Harvey looks at your movie to see what he can cut out, before be buys it or if he can remake it without buying it! ) All apps work in background stealth mode.

  • Yes, 50$/month is somewhat reasonable despite all the major bugs the Creative Suite currently has (working with Premiere and After Effects is a giant mess). I just don’t get what makes them charge around 80$/month in Germany, we don’t even have taxes on downloads.

  • I'm on the subscription plan now - it's painless. I have every...and I do mean, every adobe product now. So instead of Just AE and PS like before - I have EVERYTHING and the first year cost me $30 a month, now it's $50/month = $600 a year. It'll be another 3 years before I'll spend as much as I would've had to spend to get every adobe product, and the now annual upgrades.

  • I jumped in without even blinking. My wife is a teacher, so it's $20 a month. The math makes it such a no-brainer that I couldn't say no. It would take eight years of Creative Cloud payments to equal buying a Master Collection. In the meantime, my software is always up to date with the latest, greatest version. I don't use if for the cloud crap, it's just the cheapest professional software I've ever used, period.

    When I first read about Creative Cloud, I thought, "Oh no, here we go again..." But then I saw the $20 per month educational pricing and started doing the math. It's literally the difference between being able to use licensed software and having to pirate when you're on a budget like I am. So I feel a hell of a lot better now that I'm able to actually pay for the software that I'm using.

    I don't do a lot of back and forth between apps, so I haven't noticed any bugs yet. The download and install process through Application Manager has been totally painless, though, and the applications have worked flawlessly. I was last using CS4.2, and I like CS6 a lot better. I even bought an nVidia card, as I can finally use CUDA now!

    I guess I'll shut up now. Just really stoked about it.

  • @geddyt

    Fully understand you, but also it is good to remember that no one promise you same price always. In case of monopoly situation, inflation or any other issues you could suddenly pay $100 or more.

  • Sooo, how does this work? You pay the fee, agree the eula, download any .pkg you need from the cloud and install it? Does it constantly check for activation/license status? What happens if you are offline? The month you don't pay you can't run the software? Why are some people afraid of potential privacy issues, your files and projects don't go to the cloud, right? Is that edu license obtainable outside US?

    For now it seems that it is not to much to pay if you are a working professional, and even for a freelancer as myself, it sounds reasonable. It would be great if they'd make a special cheaper freelancer license, and charge bigger studios and facilities even more to compensate.

    And for the rest, may the xforce be with you.

  • I imagine for quite a few users of PV, who use creative suite frequently and who like to have the most upto date versions of Adobe's wares, this is not an issue, may even be cheaper than yearly upgrades! But.. For those who don't use the software all of the time, and those who often skip a few upgrades because they are not required, or those who cannot pass the charges on to customers because their creative work is in the development stages, like say students, or artists creatively developing their work. I can see this being problematic..

    A useful addition to this thread might be to list some alternatives to products that lock you in to a monthly change no matter what your usage, and make you have to update even if you don't want or need to (what happens when Adobe decide to drop a useful tool or product?) wouldn't you want an alternative?

  • What do you think, is it worth buying CS6 Production Premium Student Edition for 780USD (600€) now or save it for CC? What would you do? I have hard time deciding.

  • I see a big shift coming back to Apple and FCP.

  • Kind of reminds me of going back to the days where you could only listen to live music, and if you wanted to hear it again, you had to go to another concert.

  • If you don't like it, let Adobe know. If enough people object, they might reconsider.

  • If one miss uses an edu license isn't that the same as piracy?

  • For some people it doesn't matter, but for others who work inconsistently with the programs, it can be a bother. For example, in the winter, I don't take many photographs so I don't use Lightroom much, but occasionally I might, so what can I do when I didn't pay the subscription? Something similar with video programs as I am not a full time post-production worker.

  • Once you have subscribed, you can cancel at any time. The software stops working ...then start again at anytime.

    For example, pay a month do a job. Cancel it. Next job 6 months later. Pay another month. Do another job. That's my understanding.

  • Also some people missed that:

    Today at the MAX conference we announced the latest generation of our creative tools now known as CC including Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Flash Professional CC, Edge Animate CC, and many others. As you may have noticed this announcement did not include updates to Fireworks CS6.

    Over the last couple of years, there has been an increasing amount of overlap in the functionality between Fireworks and both existing and new programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Edge Reflow. At the same time we have shifted to focus our engineering teams on building smaller, more modular, tools and services for specific tasks in web design. Due to this overlap and as well as our change in our product development focus, we have decided not to update Fireworks to CC and instead will focus on developing new tools to meet our customers needs.

    While we are not planning further feature development for Fireworks, we will continue to sell Fireworks CS6 as well as make it available as part of the Creative Cloud