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Selling my own DIY power Solution (GH2, etc ...)
  • I decided to sell my DIY power solution. I'm selling just and this original item i made:

    included : the box with electronics as you see it on the video. If you get a GH3 DC coupler this can work also with this converter. Price :100 euro + 20 euro postage, payments via PayPal

    Note: This price cover only the expenses for items, the job i have done is free :-)

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  • Price reduced to 85 euro

  • So does this work with GH3 as well, did you test it? I need to connect the GH3 DC coupler to the 7.2V or 14.8V P-Tap outputs of my VMount plate. I would buy the box but I already have the GH2 coupler ...

  • @flabo Hi, if you have GH3 coupler it should work ...

  • Price reduced to: 80 euro!