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Review: Nest NT-6264CK Tripod/Monopod
  • Review:

    Nest NT-6264CK Tripod/Monopod


    -Lightweight & compact;

    -Very portable because of its folding mechanism - only 1/2 metre long after folded;

    -Fairly quick & usable release locks for extending/retracting tripod legs;

    -Small ball head that pans smoothly;

    -Very sturdy;

    -Quality tripod bag that offers adequate protection.


    -Ball head doesn't tilt;

    -Level difficult to adjust.

    Video demonstration found on youtube:


    I've been using this tripod for over 2 months, on numerous occasions and at least 2 important events.

    This tripod is useful for a multi cam but non-manned setup, it should not be used as your main camera's support, where you would likely want to pan/tilt, and adjust quickly.

    But it's wonderful for picnics or outings with family & friends, when time is not of the essence, you would still have to be very patient with the level of the bullhead though.

    I also have a Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Photo-Movie Kit QR, obviously the price reflects the quality, the Nest Tripod is much better in almost all aspects, and it's only slightly bulkier after folded up.

    I like Manfrotto's legs locking mechanism, I think they are the best in the market, but I've found these Nest tripods locks very usable, much better than what I expected.

    This tripod can be converted to a monopod, but I've never tried it.

    If you need an extra tripod for an un-manned camera, these are very good and reliable and will add only very little to your bulk, because of the excellent packing design, I'd suggest you go for the tallest version(model no. maybe NT-6294CK), since it's so light and compact.

    For main camera like GH2/GH3 I still prefer to use Manfrotto 128RC head+190CXPRO+Rapid center column+shoulder strap.

    Finally I would like to thank Vitaliy for finding us such wonderful tools.

    Where to buy:

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