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HBR mode missing after hack install
  • Hello,

    I am new to hacks for my GH2- just installed the 3.66d hack. It seems to be working except now my HBR setting is gone. I followed these instructions:

    I must have done something incorrectly, obviously. I am not a complete idiot, just new to this world, so any help would be appreciated. I shoot projects that require 30p and like the HBR mode, so would rather keep it if possible. At the moment I have only Variable mode, Cinema mode, and Manual Movie Mode.

    Thank you for any help.


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  • Guess you flashed old firmware that does not have HBR. The tutorial you linked is completly outdated (2011!). Take a little time to read the beginner treads in this forum.

  • OK_ that makes sense. I appreciate your reply. I took that from an old colleague and should have done more of my own research. Thanks again.

  • Just load 1.1 firmware to ptools instead of 1.0 and you'll be fine. HBR was introduced with 1.1.