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Ultradisk lavalier microphone
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    Price: about $13-14


    • Comes with 1m or 3m cables
    • 3.5mm male connector
    • Unidirectional
    • Diameter: Φ6.5*5.0 mm
    • Sensitivity:-47dB±2dB
    • Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
    • Output Impedance: ≤680Ω
    • SNR >58dB

    Also good, sturdy mike for very affordable price.

    495 x 490 - 37K
    493 x 467 - 77K
    491 x 479 - 28K
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  • I see that it's unidirectional, but I cant find where it says pickup pattern. I am just overlooking the right area in the listing or something? It would be good to know if it's cardioid or hypercardioid.

  • @kingmixer

    Ask seller.

    I think it is cardioid. Personally, I did not see hypercardioid lapels.

  • Ah, finally some rational pricing for what is essentially a cheap ($2 in quantities of one, god knows how cheap per the bushel) electret mic element and an unbalanced cable. RODE will sell a ton of the $60 version to lazy "run'n'gun" soccer dads and spec rap video impresarios but as usual the Chinese are giving away the game by revealing what things actually cost to produce.

    I'm not a fan of unidirectional lavs, but for $15 this is worth it for the housing, cable and clip alone. Break it open, sub a Pana omni element in there, and you've got a lav that competes with anything out there. Certainly isn't as rugged as a Countryman but if you take care of your gear you can be a cheap bastard and still give good lav.

  • Thanks VK, it's amazing, already ordered one ...

  • @feha

    How is your expirience with it?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev it works great, i ordered two 1.2m tested with samson wireless and 3m (for use direct to GH3, have to test) It is sensitive and higher output than the original samson mic ... If i have time will make a review and some tests ...

  • If i have time will make a review and some tests ...

    OK, I'll be waiting.

  • I ordered a couple of these -- they do not work with TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) wiring as found on the H4N or Allen and Heath Mixers etc.

    When I get round to it, I'll rewire one and give it a go.

  • I used one of these on a shoot last night. It was a plant mic and I had it plugged into a Sennheiser G2 wireless system. Don't really have any ability to show what the result was like (even if they use that channel, I'm sure it'll be a long while before film completion), but I can at least say they seem to work with the Sennheiser transmitters.

  • Another uni directional lavalier with connector for AKG wireless modules


  • UltraDisk is very good mike. Worth every penny.

  • I bought one and had this strange experience: I´ve plugged directly into my Canon HV40 and it didn´t work at all (and I´ve used many kinds of microphones such as Shotguns with XLR adapted for 3.5mm, dynamic cardioids, etc. without trouble), than when I plugged into my desktop computer it worked with very bad quality. Anybody has any idea why? Thanks.

  • I don't have any experience with a Canon HV40. Could it be a line level vs. mic level situation? Try switching and see, if you can.

  • @Cid This is total shot in dark, but sometimes those 3.5mm plugs have a tendency to feel like you've fully plugged them in...but they haven't been fully pushed in. Sometimes when only partially plugged in, you still get a low volume faint signal anyway. So I would make sure its fully pushed in, by gently pushing a bit harder. Hopefully its just something simple like this.

  • @kingmixer I´ve tried it and unfortunately it didn´t worked...

    @matt_gh2 I´ve done exactly what you said, as once I had to make one borrowed lavalier mic work this way, but this one: nope!

    Perhaps it requires phantom power, wich my can do not have... on my PC its working thou.

    Thanks for the hints anyway guys, cheers.

  • @Cid Perhaps an email or call to manufacturer to check compatibility with yout cam, or possible solution. Good luck

  • Hey guys, I´ve tested the Ultradisc in my new Zoom H1 and it works just fine. It´s really a good budget lav!