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Cinematic m43 lenses
  • I'm saving to buy a good optical native M4/3. In the range angular to a maximum of 35mm. I have the pancakles 14mm 2.5 and the 20mm 1.7 but both some digital look.

    My needs is lightness, quality and look, I do not like that look digital lenses.

    • At first I thought the Nokton 25mm 0.95 seems a superb lens, but I think it would have to last much saving, keep in mind that no cinema live, my investment is to make my short films that also costing my pocket and projects future.

    • The PanaLeica 25mm 1.4 lens seems interesting, but almost all the references I find are still photo and price does not seem so high. Does anyone have references to the?

    • The other option was the SLR Magic 35mm T1.4, but I read of problems for autofocus.

    • While I have read that the Samyang is not recommended.

    • I think SLR Magic comes with a 35mm and a 25mm both t0.95, but I think his price will be close to Nokton.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Change title please, no need to describe your state in the title, better describe lenses category you want to discuss in topic.

  • Many native m4/3 lenses are going to have that digital look inherently. The exceptions of course are the manual styled lenses like Voigtländer and SLR Magic. Why is Samyang out of the question? From what I've seen, they optics are really quite nice. For what reason is autofocus necessary?

  • Try to use filters on your lumix lenses before buying new one. I love my Nokton, but a Black Pro-Mist 1/4 filter gave a new life to my kit lens (14-140) and did even better on my Oly lenses. This and/or a Tiffen Diffusion filter might transform their sharpness into a good thing - what it was supposed to be after all. After practicing a lot of old classic lenses (FD, MD), I much prefer sharp lenses, now : olympus 12mm being my fav' one theses days. More versatility than softy/dreamy glasses that almost stuck you in one look.

    PS : SLR lenses don't have autofocus (what you wrote about the 35mm).

  • Where did you read Samyang is not recommended? That's absurd. I Just shot a whole PSA on Samyang/Rokinon glass and people love the way it looks. I also used the SLR 12mm 1.6 on it.

    And like @artiswar said, why autofocus? Not needed at all for what you want. I'd suggest doing some more research on this board since pretty much all the info you gave is wrong.

    Now much money do you have to spend on glass?

  • For video I dont need autofocus, but depending on the occasion, whether in stills.

    For the SLR was I who wrote something wrong, I did not mean to repeat manually focus from one point to another as when using a follow focus, not autofocus.

    'I found a big flaw with the SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 for anyone who plans to use focus markers. The focus ring is unreliable for repeat focusing. If you just focus from point A to point B, it's fine, but if you find a third point and go back, it'll throw all the markers off.' mintcheerios

    On the problems of Samyang / Rokinon, I have read things about breathing issues.

    @astraban, thanks for the tip, I will seek some filters.

    From the PanaLeica 25mm f1.4 anyone has references and her look?

  • One reason Panasonic lenses have a video look is because they're over-sharpened by the camera's lens distortion correction filter. Fortunately, none of the Leica-branded Lumix lenses use distortion correction, and to my eyes, they look far more cinematic than the Panasonic lenses I've tried. I have the legacy Four Thirds version of the Leica 25mm f1.4 and it's a gorgeous lens, sharp all the way down to f1.4:

    That lens does require a Four Thirds adapter, either Panasonic or Olympus, but what that buys you is a rare luxury: a fast auto-focus lens with a manual aperture ring, calibrated in 1/3 stops. If that's not something you need, the native MFT version of the Leica 25mm f1.4 is nearly as sharp and requires no adapter:

    Compared to the 25mm Leica's, the Nokton 25mm f0.95 is much softer at wide apertures, particularly in the corners:

    However, the dreamy look of the Nokton appeals to the cinematic tastes of many GH2 users.

    I also have the Samyang/Rokinon 35mm f1.4 and it's a fine lens in spite of its noticeable focus breathing, Mine is in Nikon F-mount, which requires an MFT adapter, and has a focus ring that rotates in the opposite direction as Lumix lenses:

  • Recently opted for some Contax glass so I hope to do a little video covering the price, quality, sharpness, etc. more comprehensively. A set can be had for CHEAP if you search long enough.

  • @artiswar i disagree. I've been looking for over a month and havent found a single thing for cheap.

    Then again i'm not looking for cheap variations of bargain glass.

  • @LPowell Leica DG 25mm 1.4 gets in-body distortion correction treatment :)

  • @christianhubbard - I guess it depends on your definition of cheap. I could have picked up the Rokinon/Samyang set for $1500 for 24, 35, 85 but ended up with Zeiss C/Y 28, 35, 50, and 85 for $1600.

  • @artiswar

    One smart thing is that resale value of Zeiss lenses is usually better :-)

  • I'm not sure about "cinamatic" lenses. But here's my prime set.

    SLR Magic 12mm 1.6 Nokton 17.5mm 25mm 0.95 Canon FD 50mm 1.4

    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • @stonebat

    Leica DG 25mm 1.4 gets in-body distortion correction treatment :)

    How can you tell?

  • Google Picasa app used to display Panasonic M43 raw files without distortion correction. Some people tested it out and images from the Leica lens showed distortion as much as Lumix 20mm's.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - Exactly. Especially in my over priced local market.

  • @stonebat Your collection is personally my favorite set of primes for the gh2

  • @TheRuggedAdventurer

    I'm not super happy about the Canon FD at max aperture. But it's good enough. Cheap. It can be declicked easily.

    Alternatively OM 50mm 1.4, Hexanon 40mm 1.8, AI-s 50mm 1.4.

    All those legacy lenses are sharp at 2.8. That might sound meh. But most modern lenses are sharp at 2.0 or 2.8 at best.

  • @artiswar what f-stops on those? where did you buy them? ebay?

  • @christianhubbard - All f2.8 except for the 50 which is 1.7

  • After using gh2 for more than a year now and researching lenses with character for it I'd have to say the same thing : stonebats set is the way to go !

  • All from my set except the FD lens can have relatively high maximum magnification ratio and minimal lens breathing.

    Also I have a set of Lumix 14mm and 20mm pancakes and M.Zuiko 45mm 1.8. Very sharp at max aperture. Well balanced on Gh2. Relatively low cost.

    Horses for courses.

  • @stonebat Check out the Canon FL 55 1.2! I have the same setup as you minus the 17.5 and changed my FD 50 1.4 to the FL. Sure, it's much pricier but it matches the Voigtlanders even wide open.

  • @stonebat don't you use the Nokton 58 1.4 in your set?

  • @oscillian Yes FL 55mm 1.2 looks very nice. This year Samyang 50mm and Nokton 42.5mm and more tele lenses available. I can wait and see.

    @Flaaandeeers Yes I used to. It was a very good lens, but the FD lens was good enough for me. After selling it, I bought M.Zuiko 45mm 1.8 again at $315. Great value. Awesome for photos, too.