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Panasonic GH3 Japanese model
  • Dear forum, I recently bought my Gh3 from Japan and I cant return it. I'm just finding out that there is no way to change the language to English. Is there a way to change the firmware? help please.

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  • Nope for today. Btw, good way to learn Japanese.

  • I speak japanese, so if you can take pictures I can translate for you. hope this helps :)

  • or you could just download english model instruction manual? cant be that different.

  • just heard about this too,... time to sit down and learn the kanjis i think,.. been putting it off for too long i have.

    i might be able to help too, not much tho :P

  • Thank you all for the reply. I have accepted my mistake and decided to learn how to use it in Japanese. The basic functions buttons are still in English. The only way around it is trial and error. For instance yesterday, I tried it with an adapter and a FF sigma 35mm 1.4 with it. I must say was amazing but the problem was that I couldn't fire the shutter or the REC button. After messing with the menu one by one , I got to toggle it to work without the lens. :) Problem solved. I like the community a lot. I do hope its possible to hack it and change the language in the future. I going to donate to the cause. Thanks again guys.

  • good luck!

    are the gh3's readily available here in Japan?

    I'm in the inaka so havent had a chance to play with one, and the closest place that might have one is Yodobashi in Fukuoka, 2 hours away.

  • Deja vu. I recall there was a guy who struggled with Japanese Gh2 about 2 years ago :)

  • @brucker They have a have a huge inventory in Japan. But be sure to look for the international model. I have learnt my lesson. @stonebat indeed. I wish I saw that post i wouldn't have made the same mistake. @Vitaliy_Kiselev how do you keep up with so many posts? Kudos. Is there a way to set this post to Email me when ever someone post something here? @christianhubbard first thing I did was download the manual.thks

  • @shayanxtra right, off to fukuoka it is! and thanks for the international model tip!

    how's your EVF by the way, any problems like those reported on some of the international models?

  • @brucker My EVF is fine. I don't know if people realize that you can as just it on the side. By the way I found another work around for anyone who is a novice with cameras. Just download the Lumix app now all the controls are in English :) hehe. Downside you have to have a tablet or smartphone with you at all time. Plus side the Japanese model is a lot cheaper. I got mine for a little over USD2000 with the 12-35 kit lens.

  • Is there a way to set this post to Email me when ever someone post something here?

    Check title bar, it has hint on it :-)

  • @shayanxtra thanks! i'm only looking for a body so it's actually not badly priced here, thought it would be nutz.

  • @shayanxtra - according to the Panasonic Support Q+A, English language menu should be included option in the Asian market. ...about midway down on page 2.

  • @v10tdi

    They usually have specific models for Japan only :-)

  • yes, like the UK is not part of europe, we're not part of asia :P

  • I just got mine from amazon japan and have the same issue. The language menu of the Lumix GH3 is only in japanese. Panasonic why would you do this to your customers? How can this be changed? Surely this is only software.

  • @shayanxtra did you ever manage to turn your camera into an english speaking one? Panasonic US support seems to be a bit confused. One minute they are saying it can be changed, the next minute they are saying it can be changed but could be difficult (without telling you how) and Panasonic Australia says it cannot be done at all. I'm lost. (形) うるさい

  • it is to stop people from buying jap grey imports. in the best interest of the domestic market. it was the same with the gh1, gh2, and now the gh3.

  • I haven't heard of anyone finding a way around the Jap models menus - i was pre-warned by a Camera Store guy who uses this forum so i narrowly avoided that mistake.

  • Go to Akihabara, Softmap and Yodobashi both have English duty free versions (duty free only applies to tourist passports, not resident). Many other shops have English versions of most camera's but with GH3's newness those are your best bet. The Panasonic office is also there (small and hard to find), and likely could help you order an English version with a bit of kind persuasion. I may actually be there tomorrow, so if possible I will confirm if the shops have the English version (they really should).

  • Thanks for the replies. Please @mee please let me know how you go at panasonic. I bought it from amazon japan, of course could not see anything on the site that would explain japanese only version, then I had it shipped to AUS so difficult for me to return somewhat. So maybe I have two options, send it back to Panasonic for exchange or wait for a hack from Vitaliy which hopefully turns this to an intl. camera.

  • I finally resolved this issue. I bought another one !!!

  • I am faced with the same dilemma.

    Do you mean that you now have two GH3, one with a Japanese-only Menu and a 2nd GH3 with an English menu? If yes, how easy is it to navigate the 1st Japanese-only Menu GH3 using this 2nd GH3 that now has an English Menu?

  • Yes I bought another one, this time in english, stashed the japanese one away safely until the hack comes out and then I will update it with the hack and sell it (probably for a slight loss). Panasonic should really not do this! I found it IMPOSSIBLE to navigate through the japanese menus. You will miss out on too many settings, especially since this is my first GH camera.

  • It seems unlikely that the hack you are expecting is forthcoming.

    Is it not possible to figure out the English equivalent in the Japanese Menu if you use the two GH3 side-by-side? I figured that it would be easier for me as I have had some experience with the GH2.