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Upcoming ZS25 and ZS30
  • DMC-ZS25

    • 16.1MP sensor
    • Zoom 20 times


    • 18.2MP sensor
    • Zoom 20 times


    Looks quite fun, seems like minor update, most probably cameras will have Wi-Fi.

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  • My ZS15 sits unused at the moment. Lack of manual shutter control means its noise level indoors is unacceptable. I purchased LX7 and FZ200, and these almost cover the sensitivity / reach ranges I am looking for.

    WiFi of little use for me. When I am unloading gigabytes of video from the SD card, WiFi and USB2 are just not fast enough to be viable. I have to swap out the card to a high-speed adaptor in the laptop express slot.

    To me, Panasonic seems intent on crippling this range of cameras by omitting any manual control, and of course by applying a 30 minute FullHD video limitation worldwide. Last year I spent hours reading all the release info, comparing features. This year I am ignoring it all until they get rid of the 30minute limitation (like they did on the FZ200), and also give me some manual shutter control.