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Music and Art
  • For my art and music show, I had been thinking for quite a while now about Robert Altman's use of extended depth of field in his movie "Prairie Home Companion." In his movie, Altman often stops the lens down to capture the ensemble feeling on the stage, sort of the opposite of using shallow DOF to highlight a soloist. So I decided to try and use this effect in the wide angle shots in this video--I used the Panasonic mini-pancake 14mm/2.5 at F4 (more was grainy). Nice to have the whole stage reasonably well in focus. Flowmotion II on lowest setting, as it was a concert and I needed the card space and reliable spanning. Unfortunately the heater blower was on during this winter show, I decided to leave most of the noise in and just roll off some of the rumble.

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  • @DrDave

    Good way to become accustomed to very big DOF. As it is useful, you'll need this skills during shooting 3D :-)

  • Hadn't thought about 3D but that makes sense.

  • Forgot to put in the linky DOH!