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Vests and arms for steadicams topic
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  • Ebay deal: "2-15 kg", PV deal "7-15 kg"

    Just use logic. This thing uses springs, so all this 2-15kg is bullshit really. If you use big rig you need different springs (in this ase ones that work up to 15kg), period.

    In original statement they list 2-15kg, but I really advise you use proper arm for proper weight. Just check Wondlan leopard 2 editions. They have much more true statements.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    No, the part that connects the Laing arm to the vest is not shown in the detail pictures and is hidden by the arm in the full picture.

    In the Wondlan pictures (1 and 2) it is explicitly shown, labeled "arm pin" or "pin connected to vest". It lets you adjust the tilt of the arm to the vest.

    It would be interesting, if Laing is using a similar part or not.

    Ebay deal: "2-15 kg", PV deal "7-15 kg" and as you pointed out, the biggest differences are in the strength of the built and the used springs - so, it LOOKS the same, but IS it the same?

  • @fetzu I am using the dual arm cuz it wobbles less in my opinion.

  • @Psyco Now I am not quite sure anymore. I thought it said that the Leopard arm/vest can carry "CAMERAS" of up to 7.5 Kg. That is why I bought tis version.

    On their Website, they first say total load capacity and then camera as well.

    So, I can't tell you the exact weight the arm-vest ombo can carry. I am definitely at the end range around 7.5 Kg (maybe I overestimated the weight of my rig) and the springs are turned half way to get the arm into a horizontal position. I can easily pull them further to take more weight.

  • I own a WONDLAN stabiliser and have been snooping around for a good/cheap vest for some time now.

    The Leopard (not the "single arm" version) looks pretty expensive.. I also stumbled upon a Chinese brand called "CAME" (nope, I'm not making this up), selling Vest+Arm+Stab packages for just under 700$. They claim it can hold up to 7kg, and I like the idea of having 15mm rods integrated in the stabiliser.. but judging from the photographs the quality doesn't seem to be on par with the WONDLAN stuff. Anybody ever had any experiences with that brand?

    @Tobsen: Are you using the Leopard "single arm" or "dual arm" vest?

  • @Tobsen

    Thanks for the info.

    So you use the Wondlan "light" version with 9-10kg - which is about 2kg over its advertised limit - without any problems? How much headroom do you think is left with the supplied springs/what do you think would be the maximum load where it is still fully operational?

    Does anybody know about any differences between the Wondlan and the Laing arm or vest?

  • I adjusted my comment.

    I can't find a price for the Wondlan Leopard, anybody know?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I will ask someone at the company to help filming/demonstrating. Maybe I can get it done over the weekend.

  • @Tobsen

    Big thanks for feedback.

    What do you think about making short video to show advantages of vest and arm contrary just holding stabilizer?

    I mean, for beginners. As it is most frequently asked question.

  • @Psyco

    My Wondlan is not making sounds when you move. I usually carry an FS700 with light shoulder rig and mattebox on top, and v-mount plus 7 inch monitor on the bottom. Total weight is around 9-10 kg I think. The arm takes it easily. You can put more weight on it for sure. Vest should be fine for you height. It depends more on your "volume" I think ;)

  • Is the given "max. camera weight" limited by the gimball/ball bearing or by the arm/spring? (As the bearing on my rig isn't the limit, as it can take more than 50kg without any problem.)

    Usually it is toughter constructions, and, of course, springs are different.

    How comfortable are this vests for tall people (about 1,90m)?

    They are adjustable, so I see no problems.

    Which vest+arm combination would you recommend for a very heavy rig (7-10kg)?

    I do not use this specific vests, so can't recommend any. :-)

    Is there a big difference between the big versions from Wondlan and Laing quality wise?

    Big Wondlan version is Deluxe one, not on deals now. It is pricey. Lowest ebay that I see is $2665.

  • I'm looking for an arm and a vest to support my DIY-Rig ( ). One problem is the weight of about 8-9 kg fully assembled (including the special ring motor for focus - not finished yet). But this new deals look very tempting..., some questions first:

    • Is the given "max. camera weight" limited by the gimball/ball bearing or by the arm/spring? (As the bearing on my rig isn't the limit, as it can take more than 50kg without any problem.)

    • Do this arms make any noise while moving the camera, any squeeking noise from the springs?

    • How comfortable are this vests for tall people (about 1,90m)?

    • Which vest+arm combination would you recommend for a very heavy rig (7-10kg)? Is there a big difference between the big versions from Wondlan and Laing quality wise?


  • I ordered a Wondlan Leopard II Standard kit two weeks ago (upgraded two days later, which I will explain under cons). I am very impressed with what you get for your money!


    • The case is great! It got wheels and an extendable handle which makes transport very convenient.

    • High quality stabilizer, good bearing, easy to balance.

    • Nice arm.

    • Very comfortable vest. fits well (in my case) and is well padded for normal use.

    • Easy to mount monitor.

    • Easy to mount v-batteries.


    • The screws, especially the plastic levers and knobs on them, are quite bad. EDIT: on the stabilizer only.

    • Screw that holds the gimbal sucks in my opinion. A twist-and-lock like on some tripods would be better.

    • Adjusting the arms horizontally and tilt (I hope that is the proper word) is a bit fiddly.

    • Minor: You can't put a rigged steadicam in the case - it all has to be dismounted like with most systems.

    • Cables have to run on the outside. I hate that so I upgraded to the deluxe version, which makes it MUCH easier, because it got HDMI, BNC and AC plugs beneath the camera plate and loose ends on the bottom.

    • EDIT: The supplied stand, which is more like a free goodie in the kit is garbage. It doesn't hold the weight of my setup.

    But most importantly: it works well and it is a fast system! I just attended a steadicam workshop where I had the chance to compare the Wondlan system with the counterparts from GLidecam and Flycam and also the very expensive systems from ABC Products (MovieTech AG). Honestly, I thought it was better than Glidecam and Flycam. ABC was a different league regarding build quality (which is superb!) and details (screws, cable system, monitor bracket), but it takes much more time to assemble and balance such a system. The Wondlan, on the other hand, is a quick and easy system that "flies" very well.

    I hope my first impressions help people that are not sure whether or not to buy this system.

  • LAING options

    Quite good opinions about them. Good quality.

    First, more light set, for cameras up to 7.5kg.





    One for 7-15kg range comes in case:




    744 x 885 - 112K
    769 x 576 - 112K
    799 x 529 - 47K
    664 x 839 - 48K
    568 x 347 - 25K
    547 x 419 - 23K
    640 x 501 - 56K
  • @GravitateMediaGroup

    This is topic about various chinese produced vests and arms for them.

    From top post. Glidecam or Steadicam brands are not for this topic.

  • Vest save you wrist and arms, but for every action their is a reaction and the weight of everything is pretty much shifted to your lower back. This is the only negative I have came across, but I assume with more use the lower back muscles will get stronger. If anybody has had back issues and such a vest might not be a great idea.

  • Men Bo CY-008

    One of the cheapest offers (one on ebay that I found is $359+105)




    Did not find any really good words for it. It seems that it needs heavy modification and checking for good work.

    611 x 685 - 61K
    800 x 497 - 47K
    800 x 548 - 58K