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GH2 High Quality GOP3 Settings, Series 2: 'AN' Valkyrie, GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, Duke, natural :-)
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  • @bkmcwd

    Since "auto-quantisation" works correctly only in LongGOP according to Chris, I am not going to use it for 3GOP settings. These are only my personal views.

    That's an interesting point. if I understand this correct it's not clear that SPIZZ (as a 3-GOP setting) uses this variable quantisation. So in the end it is just the different matrix driftweood uses in SPIZZ what makes a difference to GOLGOP3-13 or Valkyrie

    I think that GOLGOP3-13-2 was completed in the BETA6.

    I'm glad to know that the final version is near, but in my high-stress-test (ex-Tele on, auto-iris on, iDynamic on, cont. autofocus on) spanning does not work reliable. I know, noone uses so many automatic functions at the same time in real life, but for that it is a high-stress-test.

    I tested the 1080i50 FSH mode, I will do a test in PAL HBR, too. What do you think, should we try to make GOLGOP3-13 'rock solid' in this mode or would it be better to say, it's finished now. For example FlowMotion (which isn't continued anymore) doesn't span reliable in my test, too - but nevertheless LPowls said it's development is finished. I can understand this attitude, one thing cannot be in beta status forever.

  • @Mirrorkisser

    in my opinion valkyrie is the best 3gop setting out there.

    what valkyrie version would you recommend, 444 or Cinema Smooth?

  • @thomisus

    What's the main difference between golgop3-13 and spizz?


    valkyrie is the best 3gop setting out there

    I like (and use) all 3 settings. In general use Spizz produces the lowest QP on identical scenes in HBR/25p mode. Attachment 1 shows Streamparser's JM-SP Decoder analysis of Spizz, Valkyrie444 and GOLGOP3; scene = high contrast stress chart. Attachment 2 shows Streamparser's JM-SP Decoder analysis of Spizz and Valkyrie444; scene = bright outdoor daylight scene.

    Only in low key scenes with little detail to resolve (for instance low light scenes with narrow DOF) GOLGOP3 produces a lower QP (13) than Spizz (16). In low key scenes GOLGOP3 also produces higher bitrates than Spizz and/or Valkyrie. Attachment 3 shows Streamparser's JM-SP Decoder analysis of Spizz; scene = low key, narrow DOF. Unfortunately I don't have comparable scenes of GOLGOP3 and Valkyrie at hand right now … but for GOLGOP3 JM-SP Decoder would show 13 and for Valkyrie it would show 18 (with comparable low "Range" and "DC" values).

    Technically, looking at the benchmarks, of the 3 settings Spizz should be the best all around setting in HBR/25 mode. GOLGOP3 is the best for low light scenes … although GOLGOP3 may also show more color noise sometimes (so it requires some more post work). Then again Valkyrie shows the smoothest motion in 25p (at least a little bit smoother than Spizz … I haven't had the time to test the latest GOLGOP3 thoroughly yet)… and, yes, I also like the look of Valkyrie very much.

    You can't go wrong with either of the settings in HBR/25p mode … all 3 are really good.

    1300 x 860 - 379K
    989 x 423 - 235K
    656 x 426 - 121K
  • @spreeni

    I tested the 1080i50 FSH mode ...

    For 50i also take a look at Cluster-X Nebula Trial 6b. Awesome!

  • @spreeni i prefer the the 444 Matrix.

    @towi i shoot in 24p almost 95% of the time. I simply prefer the gradation of valkyrie compared to the other 3 gop settings. Low QP is nice, especially on the paper, but in my opinion its not everything that defines a good picture. In the below 1000$ market i think its often the gradation that keeps footage from looking to videoish.

    Still the clusterX settings are superb. I really like intramovement, IntraVenus is marvellous, too bad its not so good for wide and superdetailed shots. Moon 3 is so far my favourite allround intra setting.

  • @towi @Mirrorkisser Thank you, that helps a lot. I will also check Cluster-X Nebula Trial 6b for 50i recordings, thanks for the hint.

  • @Mirrorkisser

    i shoot in 24p almost 95% of the time

    I understood @thomisus' question was about HBR/25p ...

  • @towi I'm just curious, why do you think nebula would be awesome for 1080i50? Isn't a 3-GOP setting for 50 interlaced pictures per second always better than 6-GOPs? Beside from this thought the nebula 6b settings are working very well. I have to do more tests to compare picture quality.

  • @spreeni

    Isn't a 3-GOP setting for 50 interlaced pictures per second always better than 6-GOPs?

    Always? I think it depends on the respective setting ("patch"). I feel motion (and also noise) in 25p mode looks a little bit better with 3GOP (from Valkyrie, Spizz, GOLGOP, FlowMotion) than with a longer GOP setting. On the other hand Nebula produces somewhat higher IQ on well lit scenes (the image looks a little bit clearer and maybe also sharper) and since you'll never have trouble with motion in 50i I would prefer the higher IQ. (Higher IQ is also helpful when you shoot 50i to render 50% slomo in a 25p timeline.) Then again ... we are talking about minor differences... IMO.

  • OK, that makes sense. I will do some test shootings to make it a bit clearer for me. Thanks for your explanations.

  • Hi mate @towi

    Now, since I am in the hospital, I cannot write in detail, but even if I see the result of your test, I do not necessarily think that Spizz is the best. It is because the lowness of qp is not top priority for me.

    I think that the opinion of @Mirrorkisser also resembles me.

    Of course, I do not deny your opinion. However, for some persons, since there are opinions various otherwise, even when Valkyrie and GOLGOP3-13 are the best, I am not surprised.

    Spizz for me is considered to be a hybrid concept as already stated. It is because the matrix is scattering for every recording mode. Of course, I also support this concept. :-)

  • @spreeni Hi mate!

    What do you think, should we try to make GOLGOP3-13 'rock solid' in this mode or would it be better to say, it's finished now.

    Of course, if there is a request from a user, I intend to improve, also after completing.

    Since the PAL side has few testers, please give me cooperation. :-)

  • @bkmcwd: I hope you are better soon m8! Get well quickly! :)

  • @Mirrorkisser

    Many thanks for your kind words, mate. :-)

    However, my hospitalization is likely to exceed one week. Since this will be a revelation "be absent from work", I treat without hurrying.

  • @bkmcwd. Dude get well soon.. Patches are one thing but your health is all that matters.

  • @Aashay

    Many thanks for your kind words! :-)

  • @bkmcwd Aashay said it right, get well soon! PM me for further PAL testings if you're right back again.

  • @bkmcwd @towi @mirrorkisser @speeni thank you all for your replies, very exhaustive. Now I think that the only way to stick with a setting or the other is to test myself and find which suits my needs. Sometime hacks are very subjective. :) I'll do more tests and comaprison bewtween golgop3-13 and spizz. Unfortunatly, i can't use Valkyrie 4444 because of strange rain alike noise pattern ( maybe a problem with my camera )

  • @spreeni

    PM me for further PAL testings if you're right back again.

    Many thanks mate! :-)

    Maybe... I will be back about 1 week later.

  • Hi Everyone. I am new to this forum so please excuse my dropping in. I'm not sure who to approach with my questions. I recently got a job on a feature film. They have given me the GH2 to shoot on. I have been reading your threads for weeks now. Basically I heard their is a 2k hack available? is this true? The film I am shooting is for a small indie cinema release, I would need to shoot PAL 25p and the edit will be done in avid. I was wondering what the best hack would be for a cinema quality film. Its low budget, so low light would be key. Is there a stable hack that can shoot slow motion @50fps and 25p and handle low light? with any hack would external monitoring still be available? I read up on your thread about the sanity 5.5 hack, does this only allow interlaced or could I still shoot in 25p? I hope I'm not intruding but I would appreciate your input. thank you in advance.

  • @vespagirl.. Congratulations on getting the job. You can shoot 2k in mjpeg only. However, as you said rightly lighting is the key. Your job right now should be to test different patches with GH2 (film scenes that resemble the movie you are shooting with almost same light) and compare the results. Whatever patch you and your team likes, is the right patch for you. Some patches you might wanna try out includes- Cluster X, Valkyrie, Golgop13 and Apocalypse Now. They are all good under low light and with good SDXC cards, very stable.

  • Thank you @Aashay for your help, I'm new to DSLR realm, used to shooting on film so Its rather intense. Here in south Africa there are so few people that shoot on the Panasonic GH's , Canon tends to dominate the market. I thank you kindly for your wise words, It means a great deal to me. Thank you

  • You're most welcome @vespagirl. Some patches are better suited for non panasonic lenses and others especially for m3/4 lens. So if you know what lenses you will be using, you'll get better idea. Also most people prefer flat film looking image out of camera and put it on -2 all values, smooth or standard. Also try BOOM patch. It gives very filmic image in my opinion. You might be new to DSLR world, but I bet this forum would benefit a lot from your experience of shooting on Film. Since the most elusive goal here seems to achieve "Cinema" perfection, your experience with GH2 should be invaluable. Kindly keep posting as you shoot about your experience and also about the patch testing if you do one.

  • Here's a test shoot I Did using the latest Valkyrie 444 settings. I am absolutely loving this one. The colour is amazing, best so far.

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