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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • I confirm that ALL-I is noisier than IPB!

    I took two samples on M video: 1080p 25 fps, ISO 6400, f/8, 1/400 sec, standard profile, NR set to -5

    You can download the samples here:

  • I tried GH3 with iso 1600, but I wasn't really happy with it.

  • A screen capture from a network pilot I just DP'd. The GH3 is set to STD profile, 0'd out across the board, 50mbps IPB, WB 3400K, ISO 400. Lens is a Nikon 55mm f 1.2 and this is shot at a 2/2.8 split. No Color Correction on this, no filtration.

    I'm posting this because there have been some concerns on skin tones with the GH3, however I can't see any.

    Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 9.52.37 AM.png
    1668 x 939 - 2M
  • @conscius which mode were you filming in?

    We use 1600 ISO with AVCHD 50p and it looks incredible. Can't believe the difference between the GH3 and the GH2 in this respect.

  • Sorry, I need help. I made a documentary film with the GH3 in .mov 50mbs, all was ok. So I just begin to realize a second film and my .mov in 50mbs are MPEG4!!!! I all try to change this situation. But nothing change : .mov are MPEG4 in Final Cut Pro X. I repeat that all was ok in the first film.

    Please HELP!

    Thanks a lot.

  • My brief comparison of Panasonic GH3 and Nikon D600:

    You can draw your own conclusions from it.

  • Thanks for posting this review, it's a pleasure to have sometimes review making by real acting people in photo and video...

  • Just curious if anyone is adjusting the white balance adjustment grid or keeping it centred (0 adjustment)?

  • I found this interesting lens test on GH3 on the internet:

    I did a similar test between my Panasonic 13-35mm f/2,8 and my Nikon 35mm f/1,8 lens and the results confirm their findings. Panasonic 12-35mm is a little bit darker at f/2,8 compared to the Nikon 35mm, and the Nikon is more Tele in comparison.

  • Finally got to get my hands on one yesterday, and will be continuing to play with it for the next three weeks or so. Feels good in the hands, tough, but not crazily heavier or bigger than the GH2. Using a 12-35 and an LA7200 I have to say, I like the file. Right off the camera it feels damn good, sharp and rich...DR and color seem to be in the plus columns. I'm loving my Moon5 hacked GH2 and I think the image is so close that I would use either interchangeably. This gives the GH3 a slight advantage due to build, and I think there are a few low-light or mixed light situations when it might draw ahead. These are initial impressions, you understand.

    I find the screen to be EXCELLENT, and the EVF so so as others have mentioned. I have never been able to use my GH2 EVF well, either, so it's not a biggie for me. The big thing is Varavon needs to put out a tough GH3 Loupe YESTERDAY. I can imagine a really solid package with a loupe fit for the GH3 screen and I lust after such a combo for my jungle adventures.

    These X lenses are no slouches either, as I'll mention elsewhere...

  • Got mine from Germany this week. Some quick comments...

    Handling Feels nice and solid in hand, it's size is ideal. I am really afraid though that the card slot may go loose sometime, it's really bad placed and made. Buttons are well placed, only the record button in the back of the camera is hard to press.

    EVF Contrary to others, my evf has no significant problems. The quality is good, no pixels visible as other say and I think I can trust it for quick focusing. The only downside is the colors. The evf colors differ from the lcd colors, but you can calibrate both the evf and the lcd from the menu. It's hard to exactly match them though.

    Moire Really, my gh3's moire is not even close to those scary early tests. And I tried hard with my canon fd lenses, panny 14-45 and sharpness set to 0. Of course some objects, under certain angles will present moire even when I look them with my eyes! I don't think you have to worry about moire with Gh3.

    Settings and DR I feel disappointed about the DR as everyone. It's acceptable but not improved over gh2. Also, the lack of flat profiles makes this more apparent. The flattest profile has to be "Natural", but it does not look very flat to me. I always shoot with contrast set to -5. I also leave the sharpness set to 0. I had terrible creamy results with sharpness set to -5 and canon fd glass. Thankfully, the gh3 footage holds well, even under extreme grading:)

  • My Gh1 had some loose card slot door. Gh2 is not loosen yet, but I'm sure it will. The loosen card slot door is something that Panasonic should improve!!!

  • @stonebat: Open the card slot, unscrew the metal spring, bend it a little put it back to place, fix the screw and finished. Ste spring is tighter then. Takes 3 minutes and you do not have a problem any more

  • I had the chance to try GH3 as I travelled to Hawaii the last 2 weeks. I just went through the footage. (will be featured on my vimeo account)

    GH3 overall image quality in really nice (.Mov 50 Mbs 24p) However the moire issue is revolting and hard to understand as GH1/GH2 main asset was the lack of moiré (compared to 5DMII) Secondly I share the feeling of fuzzy (unsharp) Viewfinder with is very annoying as I am 100% rack focusing shooter. (especially in outdoor condition) I'm not very satisfied with the slightly different framing compared to GH2 (due to a different video area cropped on sensor) The body increased size and built quality is awesome. New dial wheels (3 wheels is total) and fast dials are great. The codec and format options too. Interval timer is great (not yet tried)

    So in the end I really don't understand the 2 majors drawbacks I mentionned aboved. I do hope focus picking will be added in firmware update to help Manual focusing.

  • Hi I just got my GH3 on a trip to the states and expected this to do 50P and 60P as in the publicity. There is no menu I can find to swap between NTSC / PAL like the UK version and also cannot choose 50P instead of 60P. Am I stuck with NTSC frame rates or have I not found a hidden option ? Has anyone had this experience ? I would be very pleased to get any help.

  • @Stranger

    It is standard for Panasonic.

  • Tried out the variable frame rate function with my GH3. 300% sped up to 1,000% in FCP7.

  • I just got the battery charged and stuck on a 14-140 lens which was way too slow for this room. First impression of the sensor is that it's much better in low light than the GH2 and the lens didn't hunt. I started playing with the controls and it was like an old friend. Panasonic must have been hanging around a 7D because they are laid out very much alike,,,,it even has the level.

    I had some moire with the 14-140 but otherwise it looked great considering where I was. I switched to the Samyang 24 and the moire went away.

    So far I haven't found anything I didn't like except the data disappearing every ten seconds...hopefully Vitally can fix that.

  • @timfrakes - let's see some footage

  • I almost pulled the trigger on one a few days ago. Should I do it now or what till they have a few more things figured out like this hotshoe issue?

  • @vicharris I don't know Vic. My hotshoe is solid, at least for now. I'm going to spend most of tomorrow testing if I can find some place dry and I can give a little better opinion then.

  • Got it. I'm really torn right now between spending money on this when I already have two GH2's that work just fine. It did feel nice to hold though and the screen is awesome. Throw a Varavon Loupe on it and that's a nice upgrade in itself for pulling focus. Not to mention whatever extra DR you get!

  • Got the GH3 today. B&H was a pleasure as usual. I have not done much shooting, just learning the camera and the functions. So here is some first impressions.

    Background: As for still/video, I am just a family shooter. I had a GH1 being replaced as I screwed up the GH1.

    Body: Reading the comments, I was a expecting a behemoth of a camera that ran against the very principles of micro four thirds systems. As I took the body in hand, I felt that this still a small camera compared to the Nikons and Canons of the world.. I put the 14-140 lumix lens and immediately the heft was obvious, but the bulk was not so much different to a GH1. If shoot long hand held, it is going to make me feel about the weight with heavy lenses. But this is still a LOT better than a APS-C SLRs with a matching lens. Confirmation that, for my uses m4/3 is still the best system. The ruggedness and weather proof nature of the body is not lost on me, but being a smaller camera the GH3 do not flaunt it the way a bigger camera do :). may be the battery grip will finally make the GH3 appear like rugged machine :)

    The strap - At last a proper strap. The original GH1 had complaints about the camera strap coming off. My GH1 was a slightly later batch and did not have any problem. But still I never risked holding the camera by strap, especially with heavier lenses. GH3 feel solid in that regard.

    Screen - Very nice and this is major step up from the GH1. The screen of GH1 in bright sunlight was hardly visible. This look different. Crisp and contrasty. EVF could be better, though I seldom use it. The touch is very responsive and is another way you feel the upgrade from a GH1. The display update is near instantaneous unlike the GH1 and you will forget you are not using the optical ones.

    Controls, Buttons, Layout. - This is a huge plus. I have not dabbled in pro gear before, so I did not miss much from lack of buttons on GH1. GH3 has more controls and dials and customizations and once used to, there is no going back. With GH1, I always used to press the video record button by accident and stopped recording when I actually wanted to record video, missing many shots. GH3 controls are better laid out and very convenient. While I did not realize this when I was debating between GH3 and OMD EM-5, the additional buttons and dials give GH3 a certain advantage.

    Startup, AF speed etc: Near instant and very responsive. Another big improvement over the GH1. The touch focus is very nice, but I have not done enough. Need to check various AF modes more thoroughly.

    Wi-fi - I feel a lot of a potential here. I have just fiddled with it briefly, it works and display update on the mobile app is very fast, but the app still need some fine tuning. I hope they will have more X series lens with power zoom and the ability to control them through the apps and screen. I wish the 12-35 and 35-100 were PZ models :)

    Battery: A huge plus over GH1, GH2 and possibly OMD EM5. I did buy a spare battery but I do not foresee much use for that. Earlier on vacations, I used to have my shooting hampered by the battery (i had a spare GH1 battery as well).

    Hack: For once I am not holding my breath for the hack :). Immediate reward would be for PAL/NTSC conversion without losing the 50P/60P mode. I feel the video may be sufficient as is for my needs and the hack when it happens hopefully improve usability and stills as well. Exposing the IP control protocols to the world would be nice, if it is possible. I hope third party apps become a possibility with the hack.

  • The EVF on mine is really nice. Yes, its field of view is not too wide, but if you use it as designed it looks wonderfully sharp, at least with my camera. By the way, some said before that the card door opens too easily; the sliding lock on my camera's card door is also very safe.