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Red Epic and Scarlet pricing reduction
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  • It seems in the $4k for the red one, they gives also ice packs :-)

    (As seen on )

    640 x 480 - 80K
    640 x 480 - 74K
  • this was in 2009 - ice has probably become water in the meanwhile

  • It is not what it is shot on but how it looks that is important. Some film or style will work with even sd video. Horor type of film etc. But watch some sci-fi movie with some pac-man type of cgi and I guarantee you that you won't wait to know if the story was good or not. A good story is at the base of any good movie, but if it not enough if the acting, sound or I guess the last one visual is not good. I am a visual guy, but I have to admit that in the end it is the last factor. Bad acting or sound gets out out even before bad visual except if is some action and scifi ones.

  • @TheNewDeal, there's more to filmmaking than just story

    True. But I'm one of those people who thinks we're at the point of diminishing returns with image quality. If anything, the real trend is toward lower quality images. Too much stuff is streamed and Blu Ray never took. Broadcast is 1080i only. They keep making better cameras and that's good, but the demand and supply seem grossly out of balance.

  • The sooner people realize that David Lynch is a fucking dumbass, no talent deficit on anything resembling a valid and enriching storytelling aesthetic, the better.

    My dog tells more interesting stories.... and he tells them better.

  • Ah cmon Shian Eraserhead, the Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart thats a pretty great track record. Inland Empire however was just utterly terrible.

  • Please don't let us start discussions of personal taste here!

    As much as I respect your work on ColorGHear and general knowledge about lighting and color, Shian, I'm a David Lynch fan too. He is controversial, sure, but most really interesting artists are controversial.

    Only popcorn cinema is perceived as "nice" by most people, but I don't think "most" people are on this forum ;-)

  • I've literally fired people off my crew for trying to explain to me why David Lynch is a genius. If you think that he is, you understand nothing about storytelling. Nothing. This isn't about taste, its about someone who is a liar. His films lie. There is no truth in them, nothing to be learned of any value. He lies, and says it's his "vision." He takes a giant pretentious shit in your mind, and calls it art.

    If you watch a David Lynch film and don't feel like you've been ass-raped, and your money stolen by a laughing midget in a clown suit, who explains to you that "You don't get it... it's art.", then fuck off. He has no idea what he's doing. No clue.

    I used to think he was just fucking with people on purpose, which was very Sex Pistols-esque to me and kind of cool, I now realize he's fucktard who lacks even a tiny shred of talent.

  • @shian

    I really like this post :-)

    Sad thing is that David is just one among huge pile :-)

    Only popcorn cinema is perceived as "nice" by most people, but I don't think "most" people are on this forum

    If this community turn into bunch of art movie lovers I'll vomit.

  • c'mon guys. Stay in topic. Im shure Vitaliy will upraid us quite soon ;-)

  • @shian I'm not a Lynch's fan nor a Lynch's hater but, considering your unexplainable "hysteria" about him, It looks like you are the liar: you don't like what Lynch says in his movies but you pretend not liking how he says those things.

    I mean: firing people because of their opinion on Lynch is so irrational (and even harmfull for your business) that there must be something else than his storytelling style. Don't make fool of us :-)

  • There's a difference between taste and talent.

    For instance Hitchcock is a genius. A true innovator who rewrote the book on filmmaking. His brilliance is undeniable. But I don't personally care for his movies. I don't hate them. They just don't really speak to me. But they are brilliant. I can be objective, I can appreciate his films, even though I don't have any of them on my list of favorite films. Same with Bergman. I respect him and his style, but wouldn't list his movies as an influence, or as my favorite films.

    Lynch has nothing worth appreciating in his works. They are top to bottom worthless garbage - an affront to Art. He is the "Mr. Brainwash" of film. Calling Lynch a genius, is an insult. It's like saying Mr. Brainwash's mindless "art" is the equivalent to Banksy's brilliant social commentary.

    THAT is why I hate Lynch. He is a pretender, not an artist. Anyone who thinks he is a genius doesn't deserve to work with me... and will never work with me. I'm am dead serious.

  • Anyone who thinks he is a genius doesn't deserve to work with me... and will never work with me. I'm am dead serious.

    In Russia, we have words from cult comedy for this case:

    "Announce the entire list please!"

  • Straight Story is a masterpiece :D (I'm serious)

  • Getting back to the topic...

    I'm not an expert about hi-end cameras, but from my point of view I can see there's one thing that, so far, separates RED from SONY: the "imagery" about itself.

    You film on RED cams => you're a movie pro.

    You film on Sony cams => you're a "generic" pro.

    Once I asked to a close friend of mine, who's a pro film-maker in London, why he got a RED ONE. He told me some good points but the main one was "There are a lot of rookies in this industry and I don't want to look like them. RED means professionalism to the eye of clients".

    That's why RED, in order to survive, doesn't need to be any better than its japanese competitors, BUT it must be at least on par with them and that will not be easy on the long run...

  • Elephant Man is a good movie. The problem is you Shian, not Lynch.

  • for all you haters, i present "dumbland", episode 3:

    discerning isn't the right term, but at least he's got the nuts to screw around with the expectations and conventions of filmmaking language / structure. i don't like a lot of his work, and think most of his efforts fail, but i do find SOME of it more intriguing and culturally relevant than the typical and tired out old hollywood themes that keep getting regurgitated.

    i prefer tarr any day to lynch as he clearly has a respect for human dignity, but, either way, both filmmakers have found a meaningful way to challenge the hollywood shit that dominates the market.

  • At the price you can get a RED One now, there'll soon be a lot of rookies with a R1 ;-)

    I suppose Bela Tarr will be quite controversial too.

  • @ nomad the problem with r1, for broke blokes like myself, is after accessories you've already spent $15k+. so much for the appeal of that one. if you can afford r1 + accessories, why not just buy a reduced-price scarlet? i dont get the hysteria

  • @Nomad A R1 itself is useless, you still need some more quite expensive stuff to start shooting.

    But what, IMHO, keeps (most of) rookies far from RED cams is their RAW-only output, that means a more "demanding" workflow and skilled people behind it.

  • Moved my rant to here -

    feel free to delete my comments here

  • But what, IMHO, keeps (most of) rookies far from RED cams is their RAW-only output, that means a more "demanding" workflow and skilled people behind it.

    Strangely I always hear that argument from people who don't work a RedRaw workflow. I had more trouble working with h.264 files than with 4K RedRaw files, technically and creatively.

  • Same here. One of my students said after working with Red's RAW for the first time on a beefy machine with Premiere Pro: "That feels like editing DV". He knew nothing but H.264 on his private machine before…

  • Proxy REDraw editing with PP isn't such a big deal really.