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Olympus 9-18 mm 4/3 with an adapter on GH2 - anyone tried?
  • Hi,

    did anyone tried the Olympus 9-18mm (4/3 mount) on the GH2 with an adapter? I am interested in buying one, just wanted to know your opinion on this before spending the money. The adapter I want to buy is the "cheap" Viltrox JY-43F (45€) plus the lens Olympus 9-18 (300€ used).

    I think this lens would be nice Wide on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera also no?

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  • @MovieArmada

    I can't comment on your combination, but I'm using the Olympus MMF-2 adapter with Olympus 14-35mm and 35-100mm 4/3 lenses on my GH2 and it works really nice. Be aware that the BMCC has no active m4/3 mount as far as I know, so you can't controll the lens aperture - not sure about focus (the GH2 has full control of all lens functions).

  • Hi @Psyco,

    thanks!! Really wanted to know if this lens works good with an adapter. Yeah the passive BMCC MFT mount will be kind of an half ass, but i still hope one day they will release an active one. Either way i think my GH2 will be by my side for years and years to come.

  • it works with the gh2 and the panasonic adapter. focus is slow but i never use it.

  • I have an Olympus legacy Four Thirds 9-18mm and it works beautifully with the GH2 (it auto-focuses on the GH1 and AF100 as well). It's well-built and has very little distortion for such a wide-angle zoom. I like its video-friendly size and functionality much better than the tiny Micro Four Thirds 9-18mm, which is better suited for photos.

    Neither version of the Olympus 9-18mm will work on the BMCC, they require an electronic lens mount.

  • Also, the legacy 9-18mm is sharper than the m43 version. Optically it's top notch, but a bit slow at f/4.

  • @chazzmoe @Lpowell @mintcheerios Just grabbed an used one for 200€. now i need to buy and adapter and wait a few weeks to arrive. But the lens feels really solid in the hand. any thoughts on the Viltrox JY-43F? (45€ It´s a lot cheaper than the official MMF1 or MMF2)

  • Here's a negative report on the Viltrox JY-43F by an OM-D EM-5 owner:

    I have two Panasonic Four Thirds adapters, and while they both work reliably, there is some play in the camera and lens mounts. Sounds like the Viltrox adapter is made to even looser tolerances that don't guarantee reliable electronic connections.

  • I have the Panasonic adapter which I haven't had a problem with. It's also cheaper than the Olympus one.

  • i got the Viltrox JY 43F and it works flawless with the Oly 9-18mm on the GH2. Focus is fast and this lens is REALLY SHARP, i am impressed!

  • New firmware for 9-18mm lens

    • Improved stability of video recording at 50p/60p.