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WinRewrap - Batch ReWrap MTS to MP4/MOV .
  • Hello,

    I wrote a little Tool called WinRewrap. It will Batch Process MTS Files to MP4/MOV and adjust References to the MTS accordingly in your XML File. It uses ffmbc. ( ) I wrote it primarily for exchange between the new Sony Vegas Pro 12 and DaVinci Resolve. But it can be used for any Batch rewrapping task of MTS.

    Of course, this is a very early version, so please let me know any problems that may occur. Note: Audio was converted to AAC in v0.1. Later version keeps the audio stream.

    I hope you can use it as well as I can. Ideas, suggestions and Bug Reports, please post here.




    The Homepage is still in development. Anybody who would like to donate a small amount is appreciated :)

    WinRewrap v 0.4

    Changelog 0.4:

    • Added Cancel Option while ReWrapping
    • Added PCM and No Audio option

    Changelog 0.3:

    • Added Option to Convert Audio to AAC
    • Added Check for 0-byte Files (returns error now)



    • ffmbc.exe (Release was tested with version 0.7.1 rc7) put it in the same folder as the WinRewrap exe.

    • Windows 7 / Vista Users may experience errors related to writing permissions.

    Fix: Turn up your UAC to "always notify". if you turn it to not notifying, some applications are automatically denied access. like winrewrap.

    to fix those, copy WinRewrap and ffmbc.exe to your Project Folder. (Tip: WinRewrap starts with its containing Folder under the Browse Dialog, If its your project Folder you can just click OK.)



    support for rewrapping .MTS Files to .MP4 and .MOV using ffmbc.exe

    this is essentially a frontend for ffmbc, designed for batch processing project folders containing multiple MTS Files and optionally an XML.

    This enables project export from The New Sony Vegas Pro 12 to DaVinci Resolve, and can also be used for normal batch processing of entire Folders from GH2, etc.

    It will automatically replace the MTS extensions to your new Container inside the XML, so you can automatically use it with the rewrapped files.

    Known Issues:

    Big Endian PCM Audio is not supported in Stream Copy Mode as of Version 0.4 (AF100) WinRewrap can, however convert to little Endian PCM Audio.

    Bug reports please in the dedicated thread on



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  • @mitkoo

    you can try to use

    can also search web for old Convert V4 :-)

  • i tried to download it from your page however avast antivirus tells i has malware inside and does not allow me to.

  • You may also use iDealshare VideoGo which can batch rewrap MTS to MP4/MOV.

    It supports can converting all kinds of AVCHD MTS or M2TS files recorded by Panasonic, Sony, Cannon or other camcorders to MP4 or MOV or ProRes format without quality loss. And it also supports to convert MTS to AVI, MTS to WMV, MTS to ASF, MTS to FLV, MTS to WebM, MTS to OGV, etc.

    Step by step guide at

  • Try Video Converter Pro to convert any video format including MTS to MP4 or MOV.

  • I'm also seeing some issues where videos recorded with identical settings... some are converted and some fail. There is nothing obvious the identifies any difference between the files. Small files and big files both work and fail.

  • I'm using this with the Sony camera files. Nothing else seems to work. There are a few issues however. Only AAC works as an audio option Only MOV works as a file wrapper It fails to see files labelled M2TS... I've been changing the extension.

    Not sure it this all relates to the M2TS format, using an up-to-date ffmbc or a code error.

    If you can deal with these things I'll send you $20. ;)

  • This looks really interesting-- I use clipwrap on another computer (mac) so I would love to use this. My question: can it fix the flag in 24p files that are wrapped in 60i? This problem happens most often with Canon Camcorders recording in pf24. If the flag were fixed, one could simply dump these files into the premiere timeline without transcoding to Cineform

    Thanks! dt

  • Hello guys,

    @Meierhans: which switch did the trick for you? was it the "-strict experimental" , that I would have to include?

    @everyone else: well, rewrapping is always an experiment. If the rewrap fails, there may be something I can do about it. If your software can not handle the rewrapped files- well, then the experiment failed, you have to transcode. See it like this- If you are lucky, WinRewrap will save you a LOT of time. :)

  • @elsalvador

    try avidemux, ....just dont forget to select "copy" in A/V ouput, and appropriate output format

  • @Riker

    yes, there is a reason why 5DRGB is slower, because it completely encodes existing MTS to a different format and color space....don't confuse this with container, hence the rewrap does exactly that, rewraps the content ;)

    Using 5DRGB gives you material which ends up better for gradation,... colorist will see visible difference here, but for most of the cases you dont need to reencode it

  • I'm late to this party, but since files from this software give me way more reasonable (almost identical to MTS) filesizes, and quicker, in comparison to 5D2RGB (which can bloat my filesize 10x the original or more) - are there any real differences?

    This program is way faster than 5d...can't believe how much time I've lost waiting for 5d to finish...

  • @fatpig and all,

    I tried v0.4. but the re-wraped mov is not properly played on premiere pro cs6 sequence, though which is properly played on winplayer or vlc. some green frames or frame jumps appear when being played.

    and this frame problems are passed on from pp cs6 to speedgrade by EDL.

    I seem to find out what is the problem. as @tida says in previous comment, the GOP SIZE are related. I've been using 3 gop setting from bkmcwd's. but when I switched it to 1 gop intra setting of Driftwood, it worked fine.

    thanks again, @fatpig! the batch rewrap tool is precious for me.

  • @fatpig

    thanks for wonderful tools. I've been searching for this type of program for days for my GH2 cc work on SpeedGrade and premier pro cs6.

    I tried v0.4. but the re-wraped mov is not properly played on premiere pro cs6 sequence, though which is properly played on winplayer or vlc. some green frames or frame jumps appear when being played.

    and this frame problems are passed on from pp cs6 to speedgrade by EDL.

    what do you think?

    anyway I appreciate your nice work! thanks


  • Today I tried to convert files from a Panasonic Camcorder that writes AC3 5.1 plus a useless subtitle track into MP4 container. I failed to do so with Winrewrap, so I created my own preset to for AnotherGUI. (I can highly recommend this app as it opens one ffmpeg/ffmbc instance per core, speeding up transcodes and rewrapping alot.)

    Command line: -y -threads 1 -vcodec copy -c:a aac -strict experimental -b:a 128k -ac 2

    Guess you could do better, but at least it works.

    AVCHD AC3 5.1 --_ MP4
  • Hello! Great idea and I donated but I cannot get it to work. I tried to directly convert MTS files to MP4. I get an error message that "ffmbc has stopped working" and also "error in MTS file." My shots are from a GH2 hacked with Sanity 5.1. The clips play fine on my computer.

  • @fatpig Great tool! However, when I convert my GH1 mts files to mp4 (video:copy, audio:aac), I have some problem editing these mp4 files with avidemux: the mouse cursor seems to be blocked at the first frame...

  • I fear there is very little I can do about the problem. If someone can do it in ffmbc , please let me know, so i can modify the commandline options in winrewrap.

  • @elsalvador maybe it's also an influence from the patch. Do you use a long or short GOP patch. I see the same phenomenon and use Sanity which is GOP 18. That means if first image has a problem it will take nearly a second at 24p.

  • I tried it but the problem is still there

  • try the ffmbc build from march 2012 and see if it helps. :)

  • yes they do

  • unfortunately, the rewrapping part is out of my control, all I do is the batch part of it. You can try to use another version-

    I use the version of 20th march 2012 and have had no such problems.

    @elsalvador: Do the videos look like this in a video player, too?

    @VelcroFace: I can try to find a bug when you can recreate the bug. Then you can send me a file that is causing problems and I can look into it. :)

  • Hi,

    i have a problem. When i transcode my gh2 mts file into mov and open it in resolve.... the first 1-2 seconds looks like this (first screenshot).

    I tryed it with "FFmbc 0.7rc8 (32-bit)" and "FFmbc 0.7rc8 (32-bit)". 64 bit crashes all the time.

    1680 x 1032 - 656K
    1680 x 1032 - 666K
  • This software is a real find. Prior to this, I've had to resort to using ClipWrap on my wife's MacBook Pro. It crashes ffmbc quite often, though, on my system. I'm using the latest version (0.7rc8).

  • Thanks for this suggestion.