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I am a beginner, suggest me camera
  • I am new to filmmaking. Can any one recommend me a good camera for video shooting to start with? I was planning to get a gx1 initially

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  • GH2 for now, and perhaps a GH3 next year

  • GX1 is nearly the cost of a GH2.. get the GH2 .. $785 with a kit lens.

  • I don't get how people blindly recommend cameras…

    @hanzgn What do you even wanna do? Scenic film? Documentary? Wedding?

  • @pechente i want to make videos on cycling trips

  • @hanzgn Do you want to shoot while you are still biking or do you mean that you want to stop places while you are out biking and take videos?

    If you are talking about the former, then helmet cams like the GoPro, Contour, and Drift series make a certain amount of sense. They are more targeted to that application. I looked at many comparison several months ago (earlier in the year) and at that point the Drift options seemed to have a big edge in resolution (and I seem to remember a bit of an edge in rolling shutter). That may have changed in the last couple months.

    If you mean stopping to take videos, then the questions start with:

    • What size camera do you want?
    • What do you want to do with the videos (e.g. post on web, make into DVDs, make into Blu-Rays) and who is your audience?
    • Are you going to be shooting mostly handheld or with a mount, rig or tripod?
  • he was looking at a GX1.. for that kind of money I'd get a GH2.. advantage of the GX1 is a bit smaller.. GH2 has so many advantages over the GX1 its worth the few extra bucks.. its not like he was saying just recommend any camera , he was saying he was looking at another micro4/3 camera in the same price range.. thus my GH2 suggestion, I have a GF2 and GF3.. there small size is a advantage in some use but I always turn to my gh2 for video.. because its got manual controls for learning to shoot with in his case, plus a full auto mode, and a viewfinder.. can't shoot outdoors well without a real viewfinder.. trust me I have GF2 and GF3 no viewfinder kills you outdoors with those cameras... it can be done but involved making sun shades etc..

    but if your looking at making videos on cycling trips, yeah id go for something durable and small.. GoPro would be good.. I have one and love it for its uses.. cant wait for the pro tune firmware.. so it makes better video.. Gopro is fixed lens etc.. if you want something with removable lenses ect then then small isn't in you outlook. maybe a GF or the GX with a pancake lens on it would be small enough.. the pancake zoom might be the ticket.

    I did a motorcycle trip once.. and for that you need to pack light but not aslight as a bicycle.. Id bring a gopro or other ultra compact light camera.. Sony just announced a sports camera now.. or just get a new iphone.. the 4s take great video.. 5 is said to be even better .. get the "Filmic Pro" app if your doing that , better quality video than the stock video app and more manual controls :)

  • Thank you for all the advices. Not all my video would be for cycling trips and if it is for cycling i would stop at places to shoot too. Thus I am looking for cameras which are more versatile not only for sporting activities.

  • What is your budget? I think the gh2 is a perfect allround camera to start with. And if you later want to really get something expensive, you can still keep it as a B cam. It will always be a really nice camera.

  • around $700 to $800

  • I want to say GH2, but go to camshops and try them all (suitable for your budget) and then deside.

  • @hanzgn For video quality and flexibility at that price, I would say nothing really comes close to the GH2.

    If pictures were more important to you than video, I would have several suggestions.

  • Cycling videos? Off hand, GH2 sounds like a disastrously bad choice for that.

  • @brianluce But remember that they mentioned that he would be stopping the bike to take the videos. The bicycle is just a mode of transportation for getting to the shots. :)

  • Is gh2 still in production ? I ask lots of camshop but they are not selling it anymore. What options do I have besides gh2?

  • For GH2 online dealers like Amazon , Sammy's camera, B&H photo.. if your trying to get the best footage when stoped I'd go GH2 hands down.. if when in motion, Gopro if using while traveling (example as helmet cam or handle bar cam) otherwise anything else GH2 with a good patch like the latest cluster7.

  • Also spend some money on a good tripod, a good fluid head.. it will do wonders for nice panning shots... read on recommendations for good low budget fluid heads.. many exist, even a kick butt camera will look bad if not held steady and smoothly.

  • I would shop around for a used GH1 with a 14-140 kit lens and hack that. For daylight exteriors, this is still a great camera, and a good one to learn on. my 02

  • For Video, there is no cam that comes close to the gh2 for that price. If stills are important too, check the Canon 650d. You can aquire the gh2 cheaper and perfectly easy on the internet. You might get plenty of good deals due to the release of the gh3.