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Official Low GOP topic
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  • @kae
    >>here my GOP1 Setting for testing >>
    >These settings crash for me in 1 second shooting the pappas death chart on a class 10 card.<<br />
    yes - I know
    maybe someone has a stable setting for GOP1. I'm still looking
  • @Butt

    If you want a useless and invalid demonstration then I guess you don't need to do the test correctly.
  • @Butt

    I tried many settings for GOP1 but couldn't make it work. It would be fun to see if it's any better than a higher GOP for motion, though. If you find some that are stable, please post.
  • @driftwood

    If it plays fine in PP5, RAW and Avid then it's obviously a workflow problem and you will solve it. I don't use FCP X or I would check it for you. Good luck.
  • VLC kept crashing on playing high bitrate mts files. Some recommended MPlayerX for OSX, and it worked fine. But it displayed flickering datetime.
  • @kae yeah i think its more a fcpx thing... its happening on all files. Even a conversion to prores does the same.
  • @stonebat, playing high-bitrate GH2 files on PS3 (through PS3 Media Server) has the same weird flickering date bug. If you look closely (it's very obvious on certain kinds of footage) there is also artifacts on every other frame. Even so, the footage looks pretty nice when played back this way :)
  • GOP1, that would basically mean AVCHD Intra? That'll be great!
  • >If you want a useless and invalid demonstration then I guess you don't need to do the test correctly.

    what they want from me?
    The comparison video is not mine
  • the result was published: No 2 and 3 is the GOP3

  • @neveraholiday
    >GOP1, that would basically mean AVCHD Intra? That'll be great!
    for GH1 and GF1 is GOP1 already a reality!
  • I've just finished to shoot a music video. More than 3 hours of recording, with kae 65 3gop and 720/50 12gop. Everything perfectly stable in every situations with every lens. 65mbit way better (WAY BETTER) in motion and image quality than 720p (that looks good)
  • @Elenion

    This is very good to know. I found trying to use the 6 GOP with 720P (which I like better) was giving me stability issues, so that's why I kept the other modes at 12. But the important thing is you're finding the 65Mb/s 1080 24P mode stable, which is what I'm finding. Please post a link to your edited video when it's done!
  • @kae what's your GH2's first 4 model number?
  • @driftwood. I'm using kae's setting with FCX no problem. Doesn't matter if I convert to prores or not.
  • I have problems with FCPX too. It's out of sync and don't import the whole clip. No problems with log and transfer in FCP7
  • @zlagger can you link me to one of your mts files to import into fcpx. thanks. Im going to try kae's mts he uploaded the other week too.
  • @stonebat

    "what's your GH2's first 4 model number?"

  • @driftwood I can definitely post an mts file on Vimeo or something, but you can't import individual mts files into FCPX. Would it be better to post a non-prores converted MOV file?
  • @kae most stable 1080p24 GOP 1 settings so far have been to set the bitrate to 56000000. What were your best GOP 1 settings? I did notice when pushing the bitrate further if I held the camera staionery for a second before moving around I was able to get round the 'recording has stopped because of the speed writing to the card' error. The motion is nice and filmic staccato, plus smooth pictures.
    stable 56mbs GOP 1.png
    1297 x 682 - 71K
  • @zlagger Ill just drop your mts into one of my private folders and import ;-) Link me if you could.
  • @driftwood

    I haven't been able to get any stable 1 GOP settings as "stable" to me is defined by being able to shoot the pappas arts codec death chart for at least two minutes without getting the write error. I don't care about in camera playback or spanning, but if I can't shoot the chart reliably then the settings are guaranteed to break at some point on a real world shoot. Have you been able to shoot the chart at 56m and 1 GOP?
    new codec tests chart PAPPASARTS.jpg
    1920 x 1224 - 2M
  • @kae well its been recording for 10 minutes ok me swinging around a room etc... just gonna do the chart of death test now. Ill keep you posted.
  • @kae death chart fine at 160 iso, underexposed by -2 - recording over a minute, indoors. ;-)
    Anything above 3-8 seconds.... yep, back to the drawing board, gonna keep refining it down till i get stability.
    Apart from the death chart, the 1 gop staccatto effect is cool though :-)
    Wonder if a faster lens will improve things...
    Edit: 1min52, 400 iso, 0 exposure, at 36m... no good. right off to work, too many variables to think of!
  • @driftwood

    Bet the 1 GOP does look nice as it makes avchd intraframe, but can you really tell much difference motion-wise between it and 3 GOP?
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