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Official Low GOP topic
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  • @driftwood

    Good to know, I think the slo mo would've looked like crap with a longer GOP. This stuff is looking so filmic to me. The shutter helps a lot, too. At 50 it's okay, I never go below. I use 60 the most, and even higher shutters don't bother me at all for action with the 3 GOP hack. Have you tried shooting night interiors at 2500 or 3200iso yet? It's wild but I actually LIKE the noise with the 3 GOP setting, it doesn't blur like it would at the longer GOP so it looks like film grain. I've been playing around with it even in day exteriors with heavy contrast in dynamic mode and the WB tweaked, almost gives a grainy, in camera Tony Scott bleach bypass look.
  • @chip
    comparison of youtube v vimeo upload of the football clip - same file upload


    Gareth Bale Scores - Panasonic GH2 Low GOP Test - Hi Bitrate from Nick Driftwood on Vimeo.

    Download the vimeo for an amazing rendition.

  • for the cinematic representation is GOP3 important
    but - must the extreme Mbps?
    I do not think so!
    not have a picture quality difference between 32, 42, 50, 60, 65 MBit can recognize

    i think, GOP3, 32 - 50 MBit is to time the best
  • Butt,

    Is there a stable GOP3 above 32MB/s that doesn't have the first second(s) glitches, will work work in all other resolutions and fps and will span? If not which 32 MB/s will?
  • @Butt +1. 65Mbps is a bit extreme for now. 65Mbps patch does produce occasional spike to 70Mbps in actual footage. Then the camera needs reboot to view the clip, and Vimeo can't process the raw file. 60... or 50 has more leeway for bitrate spikes.
  • @Butt

    "I do not think so! not have a picture quality difference between 32, 42, 50, 60, 65 MBit can recognize"

    Maybe not 60 to 65 but 32 to 65???? Dude, you need an eye exam.
  • >Dude, benötigen Sie eine Augenuntersuchung.<
    no - sir!
  • > +1. 65Mbps ist ein bisschen extrem für den Moment. 65Mbps Patch nicht produzieren gelegentlichen Spitzen bis 70Mbps in eigentliche Footage. Dann muss die Kamera neu starten, um den Clip ansehen und Vimeo nicht verarbeiten kann die Raw-Datei. 60 ... oder 50 hat mehr Spielraum für bitrate Spikes.<
    thank you!!!
  • Butt took the words right out of my mouth! What did he say?
  • @Butt are you a robot?
  • @kae have you managed a 1 GOP test yet?
    I recall the gh1 being able to do this!/page2

    The best Ive come with a stable recording of over a minute with gop 1 is with terrible bitrates even though they are obviously set higher. e.g. attached.
    goptest 1.txt
  • @driftwood\

    I tried 1, 2, 4 and 5 GOP settings. The 1 wasn't stable at all as you found out. The 2, 4 and 5 would record but would playback weird on the desktop. That's how I settled at 3 a day after 3.61d came out. I had been shooting at 3 GOp for a long time with the GH1. GOP1 didn't look that much better for all the hassle it created with instability.
  • @Butt

    I'm going to bow out of this argument, especially when it's in german - but I would do it in French! Seriously, I wish someone would shoot a 2k rez chart at 50, 60 and 65 settings to see if there is any detail difference in the luma channel. For me, 65mb/s is fine, I like it, see no reason to change. But 60 and 50 are great too and admittedly more stable as far as consistent playback in cam, spanning etc. Paix.
  • Butt,
    if you copy paste from the google translated page everything will turn up in German here
  • @Kae
    >>Maybe not 60 to 65 but 32 to 65???? Dude, you need an eye exam.>>

    That is a real dumb answer. If the only thing you have to say is that it is "looking fine" and that it has "more filmic grain", then I can do very well without a "low-gop-patch" made by Kae. What exactly is looking better? And if there is something, please show it in a side-by-side comparison...
  • I found an easy way to test the max bitrate on the GH2vk. There is no need to shoot death charts or go outside. All you will need a dark environment. Using Kae's 24p 3gop 65mbps setting, I first go to the 24p mode change shooting mode to shutter priority, click the wheel to dial up the EV to +3, and shoot.
    pushing bitrate.PNG
    1303 x 685 - 118K
  • More footage using Kae's 65mb GOP 3 settings

  • @jokami nice. Sky banding a bit.... whats the original like?
  • @jokami That looked !"#$ing amazing! I am going to try out Kae's settings in Tokyo this weekend to shoot a promotion video for my friend's new album. I will make sure to post it here when I am finished!
  • @Kae

    "I do not think so! not have a picture quality difference between 32, 42, 50, 60, 65 MBit can recognize"

    "Maybe not 60 to 65 but 32 to 65???? Dude, you need an eye exam."

    Prove that with a scientific 1 to 1 comparison and I will believe it. Otherwise I haven't seen any indication that extreme bit rates are producing a visual difference.
  • Moved at vk's request
  • @mpgxsvcd "Have you guys ever considered that all the low GOP setting could be doing is making the codec less efficient?"

    A less efficient codec could also mean that it isn't compressing as much as it usually does. Wouldn't that make for a better picture?
  • @Vitaliy

    Sorry I didn't see that one. Do you want to move my post over there or should I?
  • @driftwood there definitely still is sky banding in the original, a little less than vimeo's compression.

    @APXmusic Thanks! I miss tokyo, be sure to capture the best of it!
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