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GH1 hack question (may apply to all hacks too)
  • I've been shooting with Lpowell's reliable in camera patch for over a year. It's been great but I wanted to push it a little harder and get native 24p out of the camera. I'm using a Sandisk 45MB/s card. The Lpowell 100mbps 24p patch works fine but I loose the 60p with it. I tried unchecking the frame rate change, the GOP change and did a tiny bit more tinkering but couldn't get 60p back.

    The Lpowell 75mbps retains the 60p but is a lower bit rate (duh) and doesn't feature native 24p.

    Then there's also the 50mbps patch that has what I want with the exception of the screaming data rate.

    Since the Video Bitrate of FHD and SD modes is shared is it impossible to get native 24p, 60p and 100mbps in one patch?

    Also I'd like to have access to a mode for quick, unedited uploads to the net. I was thinking of using the MPEG modes for this but I haven't gotten past the thinking stage.

    I apologize to anyone who thinks I should have toiled more before posting.

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