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B4 lenses and mounting solutions
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  • Ive tested both. I found it gets better if i adjust the backfocus, but it doesnt disappear. Any suggestions?

  • @DirkVoorhoeve can you specify the lenses that you use?

  • A Canon IF+ J9Ax5.2B4 (with extender) and a Fujinon A12x10BRM-88 (model VCL-1012BY). Both are very recently revised, so it's not the lenses.

  • @DirkVoorhoeve wow thats bad, I also wanted to buy 9x5.4 but did't have the money.

  • @DirkVoorhoeve "I've tested with a few more B4 lenses but with all I get a glow around highlights."

    That might be adapter ring with reflective "inside". I get this with FD 55 f1.2 as well when using cheap adapter ring. Stray light bounces off the edges of adapter barrel and strikes CMOS chip at weird angles, giving "halo".

    Try coating the adapter ring with something non-reflective.

  • @Grunf he uses the ciecio adapter the same that I use, it is gr8 adapter and it is not that cheap

  • I use Canon B4 lens and didn't have problem with glow. If he has problems with glow with two different lenses, I suggest trying a coating on inner side of the adapter...

  • thanks guys. BTW: i've also had the same problem with a Angenieeux T15x8.3 AIF. I'll have a look at that soon and let you know!

  • Has anybody used the $99 adapter available as a PV special offer.

    Does it align lenses pointing upwards? How much play did you experience .. that is, is it a nice tight fit?

    How does it compare to the cecio?

  • @kavadni Earlier ones did have focus ring markings at the top, mine does, apparently fixed later. No play at all. Cannot compare to the Ceico.

  • I bought the polish adaptor to use with my GH2 and my Canon J9x5.2, got the best results using the 2x extender, need to do more testing though. One thing, nobody seems to have mentioned the fact that these lenses have super-smooth, variable speed zoom, I've made a living out of video using ENG 2/3" cameras, all of which use electric zoom, the reason I bought the adaptor was to enable me to use my 2/3" lenses and my matte box and filters. I would love to try a broadcast 2/3" HD lens to see if there's a difference... Does anyone have the wiring for the lens Hirose connector? Also the GH2 has a built-in speaker, has anyone had alook at the speaker inside the GH2? It would be nice to take a feed off this and connect it to a headphone amp...

  • I have a Canon J15x9.5b4 and I cannot get it to focus at all on my gh2. I tested it on a 2/3 camera and it focused great. I'm using 2x mode and ill attach a link to the adapter I'm using. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions I'd appreciate it. Thanks

  • @Roberto Is the P-V deal adapter compatible with Fujinon A14x8.5 BEVM lens? I remember reading that some adapters are not compatible with B4 lenses which has integrated servo zoom.

  • Guess not. Seems to be identical to this:

    "Suitable for lenses without handgrip/zoom rocker. The orientation of this adapter does not allow the use of lenses with handgrip attached."

  • @Galvoguru, there is a "DC 12v to 6 Pin Hirose Cable" on eBay, not cheap at $63. Link here:

    I have one on order.... Like you, I long for a variable speed, internal mechanism lens for live events. I am working on a killer tripod plate made of stainless steel right now.... Music Videos, here I come (again). Stand by.

  • @Petee28, is it possible the adapter is physically short enough to take it out of the 'back-focus' sweet spot? I will post the measurement of my adapter when I have it.

  • @AthenaProductionsNet Ok sound great. Thanks

  • An interesting comparison between the use of 2x extender and digital zoom on a GH1 camera with a B4 lens mounted on.

  • Hey all,

    Most of you all use a GH2, but I would like to use a B4 2/3" lens on a Canon 600D. I already know of the ciecio7 adapter, but like Turbodog, I am not pleased with modifying the body. I thought about putting Macro tubes in between the two pieces. Unfortunately this means that I will lose infinite focussing and will only have very shallow depth of field at the front of the lens. I think the teleconverter of Turbodog shifted this shallow depth of field to the long end of the lens.

    But then I read about FD to EOS adapters, using optical correction to make it able to use older FD lenses on EOS bodies. So my question is... would it be possible to take such an FD converter, and place the B4 mount of cieco7 in place of the FD mount, and keeping more focus distance?

  • would it be possible to take such an FD converter, and place the B4 mount of cieco7 in place of the FD mount, and keeping more focus distance

    Image quality will be bad :-(

    You can just get Panasonic and NEX body, not necessary GH2.

  • And what would happen if is screw the back Off an old kitlens, keeping the optical element at the back. And place the EOS ciecio adapter on there. Would that retain infinite focus without upgrading the image too much?

  • Thanks oneday, but I already know that pricey adapter. I am trying to think of a cheaper alternative

  • There's a new adapter @ eBay that sells for $179 and it's correctly oriented so it's suitable for lenses with handgrip/zoom rocker.

    Wonder if P-V get's this for deals...

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