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Video I/O Experience and Advice?
  • Following up on a thread I started a while back--Broadcast Monitor for Color Correction vs Affordable Alternatives--to which there were quite useful replies, I want now to ask people about their experiences and recommendations for a video I/O device to help get a "near" broadcast quality image on a second computer monitor / HD TV.

    I'd ideally like something that:

    • Is compatible with both Mac and PC
    • Can be used with CS5.5, CS6, (compatibility with Avid and FCP are bonus
    • can work with davinci resolve
    • Not more than $600 ($900 absolute highest if it's really worth the extra $)

    I know of the Matrox MXO mini, but I don't have any experience with it or any other box.

    Also, is there any box solution that will work on an old 2007 Imac that lacks both a PCI slot and a thunderbolt?

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  • @subco I'm mostly leaning towards an LCD monitor. I know how to use scopes / waveform.

    I'm asking about people's specific experiences with video i/o devices that meet some or all of the criteria I list above.

  • Ok well... I just found out that matrox products won't work with Resolve. Matrox is also apparently not very good with driver updates, etc. So... now investigating blackmagic...

  • Tried any aja products?

  • Many people claim that the intensity card work great with resolve, it's like some kind of secret that is 200$. I don't know abaut the usb version but the intensity pro seems to work good with resolve and avid and others too. hope that helps.

  • @subco Exactly! Also, don't forget getting a suitable grading monitor! (looking at a panasonic plasma as budget solution). Well, I'm glad I waited a little while before getting a local firm to custom build a pc for me. Gonna need to ensure work with Resolve.