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85mm F1.4 and T1.5 Cine Rokinon, Samyang Lenses
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  • That's 4/3 not MFT

  • Is it true that Samyang 85mm F1.4 or T1.5 lens has minimal lens breathing? Also internal focusing?

  • @stonebat, yep, there is a slight bit of breathing but NOTHING close to the 35 and less than the 24. All Samyang primes are internal focus. Here's a screen grab from a PSA with this lens.

    Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 12.25.34 PM.png
    1590 x 879 - 1000K
  • @vicharris Thanks. I had a wrong perception that all Samyang lenses have bad lens breathing.

  • Nope. 85 is a winner. One of the cheapest I believe too. I like the 24 as well.

  • @soup, I have the cine version of 14, 35, and 85 and they are all great. the there is nothing wrong with the 14, it just takes a second or 2 longer to get the focus dialed in. there may be better options around that price range, I didn't look too hard, I'm a big fan of rokinon and de clicked aperture so it's what I'll stick with for now.

  • Let's wish for Samyang 135mm!!!

  • @stonebat You need a test video for that?

  • That would be great. I couldn't find any video about that. Thanks!

  • Can I confirm that the Canon version of this lens would require an EF to Micro 4/3 adapter?

  • and samyang 50mm

  • Is this a real question? How else are you going to attach an EF mount lens to a MFT camera? Gaffers tape?

  • And what samyang 50mm?

  • Does the Cine version have a better/longer focus or is the difference only the lens gear / declicked aperture? I'm not really planning on utilizing the lens gear/declicked aperture so just debating on whether it's worth it for me.

  • I'm pretty sure it's the same. I have both 35mm versions here and they are they same.

  • Oh, ok. Thanks! Not sure if this would be the place to post this, but do you know how the Rokinon 85mm compares with the Nikkor 85mm 1.8D?

  • Not sure and to be honest, my Nikon 50mm and 105 AIS lenses do not match that well with my Rokinon Cine lenses. I can match them with my Tokina 11-16 and 12-24 pretty well but I can see the difference with the Nikons

  • Oh my god I can't hear her talk anymore! She says "Umm" after every damn sentence. Footage looks great but she makes me want to punch babies in the face!!! jk :) But yeah, she's annoying.

  • She says "Umm" after every damn sentence.

    Nothing wrong with it. If you are shooting interviews you must know that even people who are very fluent in normal life can do much worse if you place camera before them.

  • True sir but I think she is representing a company or product here. If that's the case, I hold the person to a higher standard and so should the owner of said company or product. A commercial and an interview, I believe are two different formats. But that's just me. I might type like a Neanderthal or loud mouth American but once on camera, I adjust. But once again, that's what I do to make a living so I'm probably very biased and more harsh than some.

  • Hi vicharris,

    I would like start off by saying that you come across as a very pleasant individual. This not a defense of the "umms" as I agree that using umm all the time is not appealing. What I will say is that I was hired to light and take footage of the interviews being conducted, not conduct the interviews themselves as there was both a director/producer and an interviewer there plus the owner of the dental practice deciding if they liked the takes or not. This dental office has various locations with lots of employees. I am moving at an extremely rapid pace just to make sure lights, sound and the shot look good considering they have over 20 employees who I am also shooting portraits of for their website. Multiple locations one day shoot. I am not about to jump in and tell the director, interviewer or owner what my thoughts are on the person being interviewed. I am busy enough with the work I am tasked to do.