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EOS to m43 electronic adapters
  • image

    Supposed to control only aperture, as I understand.


    Of course, photo is of some prototype, as you can't use such adapter in real life.

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  • Now, this is getting exiting. It shure look like mackgiver project, but hey, he made things work so... its ok.

    Finally eos for m4/3, ths sky is the limit. With this shit will come more electronic adapters for m4/3. It took a little bit of canon mirrorless to wake up the choices.

  • What about the loose cables inside and light reflexion? Prototype?

  • finally something interesting :).. let's hope it won't take them a century to finish it and also that the price won't be higher as similar adapters for NEX :)

  • I hope this supports IS and is less than $200. Even if it doesn't support IS, at least we can finall use a Tokina 11-16 with aperture control on m4/3

  • at least we can finall use a Tokina 11-16 with aperture control on m4/3

    I can suggest much simpler approach - get Nikon version and Nikon G adapter :-)

  • "Indeed we developed electronic adapters for Canon EF lens on mirror less cameras, but there have big patent risk ,we are >famous manufacture ,so we stopped to make a production ,pls understand. You can buy from internet, some guys are selling electronic adapter, they are personal behavior."

    Well, there is the Redrock Micro LiveLens ESO->MFT lens adapter with an external iris control ( ) or adapters with its own built-in diaphragm, such as one by Kipon ( ). However, none of these would provide electronic contacts to the camera, power the lens image stabilization, or provide the electronic follow focus capabilities (not to mention the AF).

  • @igorek7

    I hope that guys who produce NEX-EOS adapter make one available for cheap.

  • I use this one for Nikon lenses:

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev It appears, that each of the attempts to build an electronic support for a third-party lenses ends up in the struggle with the patents and/or expensive licenses. I am wondering why nobody came with an idea to make connection from the lenses mounted to a MFT camera with a modified CanonEOS-lens-adapter (+MFT-camera for shooting) and modified Canon-lens-cap (+Canon camera for the electronic lens control in manual mode: iris, etc.), something like on the image shown below? :-)

    2517 x 1374 - 2M
  • This looks interesting, although still cumbersome

  • this looks cool....if I could just understand the guy !

  • Lol @kurth I'm sure we'll see a proper review, many are interested in using their EF lenses, including me :)

  • anybody can give some updates on this? I have been looking for cheaper alternatives to Metabones (not speedbooster) but cannot find a reliable answer. It would be so nice to have Lens Turbo II with IS-Aperture Control on a M43 body...