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Let's end unboxing videos!
  • I know I'm not the only one who is driven insane by unboxing videos!

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  • I always film something when its send by post.
    You never now if you need it, when something is not completed send, or even damaged.
    i have prove how i did get it...

  • Yep - agreed. They used to mystify me too, until I realised how useful it might be to prove you did / didn't receive your stuff in good / bad condition.

    But why you'd post them on YouTube - that's a mystery!

  • +1. Unboxing video is really for protecting the buyer himself. Why share it? Showing off?

  • I like unboxing video.
    I think they serve the purpose.
    First, if you are just waiting stuff. Save your nerves. Second, if you want stuff but don't have money. Same shit.

  • I had to return a Sony alpha 850 and an unboxing video helped me to box it right. Upload it to youtube better proves the time of unboxing. But I agree unboxing videos are awesome! So much entertaining! pure suspense! When I wake up, I just watch an unboxing video or two and I'm set for the day! I love the part when the guy says "international power supply - very nice and clean!"

  • I couldn't possibly make one of these unboxing videos, I just rip the packaging and box lids off I'm so excited to get my hands on the gear inside :-)

    Think I might do a parody...

  • what does an unboxing video prove for a buyer?! I'm sure a box can be opened, contents tampered with, box resealed and a unboxing video shot documenting inadequate contents!! not really cross-examine worthy evidence.

    to me they are a sign that some people have way too much time on their hands or like the sound of their voice way too much.

  • I love unboxing videos - and if done right can be very informative and hilarious

  • I think I would rather end the bad fashion videos that usually compromise 3/4 of Vimeos front page. I dont care that the model is hot and you're shooting in an abandoned building. It's boring, these are all the same.

  • Ooh - or anything that looks like a load of stills with music - that's my favourite pet hate. So could we have a model in an abandoned buildling as a series of stills with music, and right at the end she finds a box and opens it? Could be a good new genre.

  • Regarding those Vimeo fashion videos. Who's paying for them? I mean the ones that don't particularly feature a brand or product. I see a lot of them, but don't imagine who is getting a benefit from funding the video?

    PS I love unboxing videos. Gives a good idea what you are getting before purchase.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Brilliant! Reminds me of using bubble wrap for fire sounds - twisting it and occasional popping is very realistic. I love the string around those big air pockets - very inspired.

  • Can someone do an unboxing video of a 'pre-order'? Maybe a B&H or Adorama D800 pre-order nightmare video. LOL

  • I loathe them. Look, here's the worst of both worlds... Unboxing video meets annoying RED fanboys.

  • I'd like to see a professionally staged unboxing video, with tasteful decor, sumptuous lighting, and a model with attractive hands and arms. I think this is something Olivia could excel in, so long as she kept the hyphy chatter to a minimum.

  • I see great potential in banana and corn unboxing videos - I would need to see more than attractive hands and arms, though...

  • I must be in a masochistic mood. First I watched the Zacuto Part 2 video (said nothing in 28 minutes) now the RED fanboy unboxing video.

    Agree with LPowell, Olivia should get exclusive contract for all these. And she should do them in lingerie with house music.

  • @rockroadpix Just imagine the looks on their faces if they'd opened the box only to find a GH2 instead of an Epic and an attached card which read...

    "When only the best will do" - Francis Ford Coppola ;>)

  • Come to think of it - wouldn't "reboxing" videos be more useful? Pretty much everyone knows how to unbox something. It's the reboxing I can never quite figure out.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev What?! No black market human body parts? Kidneys? Livers? Eyes? Just a lousy camera and lens? Most disappointing!

  • Most of the unboxing videos are a waste of time, I agree. Unless unboxing is a part of some useful review. Thanks goodness YT has a scroll bar. Liked the sarcasm behind the first post video BTW ;)