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Cinema 24p, best manual settings ?
  • I wonder does anyone else have similar problems with Cinema 24p mode manual settings ?
    GH2 - pal version
    Lens: 20mm 1.7 "pancake"
    I tried:
    Cinema 24p
    Exposure M
    aperture: 1.7
    shutter speed: 1/50
    iso: 160

    if I don't pan camera it is all OK, but if I pan i get jerky (similar to fast motion experience,about 10% faster at least in my LCD monitor ...).
    i get same on any exposure mode when using Cinema 24p

    but in Creative Movie Mode I do not have these problems when using exposure in P mode ...

    Any tips ?
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  • @fatpig
    Thank you, so that's a "natural" for "cinema 24p" mode ...
    The movies looks more like "Old Charlie Chaplin" ...
    Sure i need some more video classes to understand that Cinema 24 p mode ?
  • im sure this is just how 24p looks. if you put it at 1/25th shutter speed, all will be ok but you will have more motion blur. there are just 24 frames per second in this mode. but if your single images are 1/50th, roughly about every second 50th of a second's motion is thrown away. its just not recorded. so the motion has to be "jumping". its either that or more motion blur.
    creative movie mode records the motion completely, cause there is a picture taken every 50th of a second.

    if you dont understand, i can only advise to take some video classes. :)