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Confused by various Panasonic models - which camera to complement GH2 for hacked video?
  • Hi, I own a GH2 which I use heavily for video work, with the Cake v.2.3 patch. I would like to purchase a second, less expensive Panasonic cam to use as a B cam, but I am confused by the different models: G, GX, GF etc. Which would you recommend? Thanks Izhar

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  • Same question here I really would hear peoples opinion

  • Second hand GH2 or GH1? No, seriously get another GHx. You should be able to find them in local ads.

  • The GF series doesn't match to well unless you stick with 720.

    Just not enough Rez in 1080.

    Also going above 800 iso gets real noisy in a bad way...

  • i got my gh2 body only for £370 quid from mbp photographics :)

  • Get 2nd Gh2. Save yourself from many hours. Gh2's 24p is just too unique.

  • OK, we already know that the GH2 match exactly a GH2. Question is which other lower price Panasonic could we use to save money and get a closest possible video.

  • @haribabis

    Sorry, some of us tend to forget that others (and other countries) have different purchasing powers. The story is, get a GF camera and live with the quality drop. Get some hints from @Rambo 's posts. [Edit: the dude seems to make any gear look good, dammit!]

  • @Roberto thanks I have one GH2 (prefer Sanity and Flow Motion :) ) I/m investing in lens now. So your suggestion is GF models. Going to check now. Thanks!

    (hmmm, anyone knows something about LUMIX® DMC-SZ7 video ?)

  • In good light, the Sony HX9V is punching above its weight. Much better then SZ7. Better rez than GF-series, 24-384mm zoom, 1080 50/60p and superb image stabilization. I use it on events with GH2s. Only thing you lose is shallow DOF and some dynamic range but underexpose by 1-2 stops and the image is very gradable. Another good B-cam would be a GoPro Hero2 (soon to updated with higher bitrate and flatter colors) if you need some different shots (super wide or under water)