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On Camera Settings question
  • I just recently bought a GH2 that came already hacked. Unfortunately it was hacked by the person before the person I got it off so we have lost track of what version of the Driftwood hack it is. I know it is working because I can already see I have additional ISO settings in Manual Movie mode.

    My question is, what or where are the settings I should be using directly on my camera? I switched it over to C3 menu and when tried to record got an error back that my card was not fast enough (which it probably isn't, but getting a new one soon) so this leads me to believe that this is where the highest quality settings live but I still am unsure of what settings produce what results? Is Manual Movie mode just the standard camera mode?

    Sorry if this lives on another thread or seems like a silly question, but I new to this whole hack thing and not having the background knowledge is bugging me.


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  • Thanks, there was some helpful things in there, but it still didn't help explain what the hack settings on the physical camera are. I don't need the back end code for the hack I need the on camera menu settings for an already hacked camera.

    I have recorded some footage on Manual Movie Mode but when I log and transferred it in FCP 7 it shows the bitrate at 19-22 MBPS, so I must not be doing something right.


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