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Time lapse controller for GH1 and GH2
  • PClix or TC-252... I don't know.

    Which one do you use?
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  • I have the JJC TM-D, which is ok for me - only tested it with GH1 so far, though - are the 2 you mention better?
  • No idea. I'm just asking. Never done time lapse.
  • Ok, so JJc is ok I think - just tried it with my GH2, works fine! The only limitation I found, the max. amount of shots is quite limited, 400 - so if you want to shoot with shorter time intervals, but over a long time range, you have to stay there / regularly come back, to start it up again when it's done.
    Just tried out of curiosity, whether it works as a remote, for video - et voila, works just fine - silly I never tried this before... Can't change any settings though, only start recording, as far as I can see - so the use is limited.
  • Thanks cinegraphy.

    PClix looks really nice. $150 kit + $35 cable... too expensive although it supports many camera brands. But they discontinued PClix LT and introduced XT to support new bodies. I guess it's not 100% future proof.

    Pixel TC-252 is $50. It works. I'm going to get it.
  • +1 for the Pixel. Works very well for me. Also the timer uses normal AAA batteries what I like a lot ...
  • I have the JJC and it works great for me.
  • PClix is overpriced.

    JJC was popular last year. Not anymore.

    DSLRBot is iPhone app. Pretty cool on Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax. But GH1/2 don't have IR port for wireless remote.

    PTools can't enable timelapse feature.

    Pixel TC-252 seems popular.
  • I ordered the Pixel ($50), 32GB Transcend Class 10 SDHC ($50), and a lens skirt from ($49). This set is mainly for GH1.

    There's a cool trick for GH2 to do 1080p 2fps timelapse video without any other gear.
  • Got it today. Pixel TC-252 worked on GH1 and GH2 flawlessly. Simple to use. It remembers timelapse settings.

    The 2 fps trick worked on GH1, too. But it needed ND filter to lower the exposure at night.

    The device has bulb mode that simulates holding the shutter button. M43 lenses on GH1 do continuous AF which is very annoying. The bulb mode locked focus. During video recording, it can be unlocked and locked. I like.
  • The timelapse device is working nicely. But the shutter noise is not always welcomed.

    I'm going to follow his advice to configure GH13 to be timelapse specialized. e.g. 2 mjpeg frames per second.
  • "JJC TM-D timer ... amount of shots is quite limited, 400"

    For anyone with this intervalometer - the maximum shots isn't limited to 400 - set the number of shots to zero and it will shoot continuously until you run out of space/battery.
  • TC-252 had stopped working. Whenever it was plugged, GH1 and GH2 warned to power up microphone.

    I have a wireless remote trigger that worked fine. So the bodies are fine.

    I pulled a cable out of the timelapse device and connected the cable to GH1. It didn't warn this time. Then I connected the timelapse device to the cable. It's working fine. No need to disconnect the cable again. I guess some sort of electronic charge on the cable was cleared out.
  • @stonebat - Just ran across this post, and in case it has been unresolved: the cable ends for the TC-252 are not similar - i.e. if you have the 2-pole plug in the mic/remote slot, the camera will think it is an unpowered mic. Make sure the 3-pole tip is in the mic/remote slot for shutter control, and the 2-pole in the TC unit. Hope this helps.
  • It had been resolved. Thanks anyway!
  • I bought this device only $20 including shipping and I think it's working perfect. Or is there something fancy in other devices that this one is missing?
  • I got the 282 but with a pentax cable. I know the GH-1/2 use a 2.5mm 4 pole plug. The cable which came with my remote went from 2.5mm 4 pole to a flat pentax plug. I bought a 2.5mm 4 pole to 2.5mm 4 pole but it doesn't work. So DancingCamera, I need to get a 3-pole to 2 pole cable?
  • The JJC TM-D for GH2 works for me, in its first few days. It is NOT limited to 399 shots. It has a setting "--" essentially meaning: never stop shooting (menu for number of shots: move one step down from 1 shot, you first get -- and only after that you get 399). This is, until the battery of the GH2 and/or remote itself runs out and/or your SD card is full. Just did my first timelapse, it made over 1.000 shots in a row. Remember to put the GH2 in burst-mode. It will still take only one shot at a time, but it shouldn't strain the mechanical shutter. Great forum for timelapse at

  • Can any of these wired timers operate the camera when it is set to video mode? i.e. if the dial is set to record movies, can the timer start and stop the video with the press of a button? If not, is there anything else than can be used that will perform this function? Thx.

  • Does anyone know what kind of a signal needs to come through the jack to trigger the camera? Im thinking of including it in my motion control.