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Malice (sedna q20) + Purgatorium (canis majoris) two shorts with GH2 + my first short ever
  • I know it's short, but for school i had to make a film from 1 minute. Inspired and based on een film by "side films" (really talented filmmakers!!)

    And i wanted to test canis majoris, so for me it was a win-win :) Now, first of all, i did use log and transfer in fcp. I've not used 5DToRGB. Because, i didn't know, till a few minutes ago. Next time i will test 5DToRGB. (is it so much better?)

    so i used: GH2 with canis majoris night patch with nokton 25mm f0,95 lens

    other shortfilm (8 minutes)

    with Sedna Q20 patch

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  • Great job! Loved the visuals and setting. The story idea was great and well executed too – which is very hard to create for such short time lengths. And I have no complaints on the sound; it was well done and fit perfectly.

    I haven't tried 5dToRGB, but I have done the FCP Log and Transfer. Right now I've been using ClipWrap to tranfer it to ProRes HQ. I don't know what's exactly better and to what degree either.

  • thank you @adamquesada and @kingmixer :). I transfer it with FCP.

  • @conscius , great work!

  • @feha, thank you

  • This is the film of side films: Really really good... respect for them. Ik used their shots to make mine.

  • Excellent work. Well done.

  • Liked it, the idea of mom killing baby is not pleasent dow. Very well done.

  • thanks :D :D

  • Updated it with "malice"

  • Good job, heel indrukwekkend :p

  • Dank u zeko :)

  • This is my first Shortfilm I've ever made:

    It's not special, and it's filmed with the first consument sony HDV cam (hc3), so very amateurish material. I made it 6 years ago. Time flies... I've learned a lot sinds then

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