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Panasonic AG-AF100 upgrade to 1080p60 now available
  • Here's something many of us have been waiting for. I will download it, and try it out tomorrow and report back.

    Here is some of the release information. Note this is a PAID upgrade.

    1080 50p/60p upgrade software key for AG-AF100 series (paid option)

    The following functions are added.

    Optional Function

    1. New “PS” mode (maximum 28Mbps), supporting “AVCHD Progressive” standard, records high-quality Full HD progressive signals (1080/60p* and 1080/50p).

    *Actually 59.94Hz

    1. Safety-zone “2.39:1” aspect-ratio marker display (on View finder, LCD and Output*).


    [STEP1] Update the software of AG-AF100 series to version 1.23 or higher.

    [STEP2] Issue / retrieval of the activation code(s)

    Register the “25-digit key code” which comes with “1080 50p/60p upgrade software key (AG-SFU100)” and the “equipment profile” exported from the AG-AF100 series unit on the “product activation code website” to retrieve the activation code(s).

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  • Well, the process is typically complex, but I got stuck when I realized that Panasonic don't actually have a process in place to sell this damn product directly on their web site, so assume we have to buy it through a dealer.

    The SKU is AG-SFU100 -- which will theoretically buy you a 25 digit "activation code" to enable this new functionality in the software.

    So, I guess I have to wait until Panasonic can be bothered to actually release this for sale through its channels.

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