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Lanparte baseplate mod
  • I have this lovely baseplate that I bought from Lanparte through PV to use with my GH2. I love it, but it's been a bit of a pain in the ass to use because every time I need to change the battery, I have to slide the camera off the baseplate and then pop the QR plate off to get at the battery terminal. I noticed that you could file down the QR to get the battery out, and saw here that some people had done that. So, I borrowed a friends angle grinder and did like a charm. When I put everything together I noticed that I might be able to grind enough of the baseplate away to be able to open the battery port with everything assembled, but that it'd be cutting it close. So I said, "f**k it, I'll give it a try", and boy am I glad I did. Now I can change batteries when fully rigged......awesome! Now, I don't think everyone will want to do this, it does compromise the structural integrity of the unit to some degree, but for me, it's 100% worth it.


    As you can see in the last picture, it was necessary to grind down to just about where the QR slides in, and the section I grinded down is loose now, but even if that section comes off, it's not really necessary for holding the camera in place, it just wouldn't slide smoothly from both sides any more. This is something I'm willing to give up to be able to change batteries without disassembling!!!

    What I lost in beauty, I gained in functionality :)

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  • Please, resize photos to something smaller.

  • just sand it with fine grit and give it a shot of black gloss from the can.

  • @griplimited Sure, I might do that at some point. I was more emphasizing the positives of the mod in that statement than complaining about the negatives. The grinded down look actually doesn't bother me that much.

  • I just leave the DC Coupler hanging out and use an external battery. I hardly ever use an internal lithium battery.

  • @itimjim What external battery do you use?

  • I was looking at those pictures, kupchenpo, and I was wondering: Could you add a Manfrotto quick release to the Lanparte plate? It would save having to do the grinding.

  • @sherwood It's possible...if it gives you the height. I don't have one, so I'm not sure. I can tell you that I've been very happy about my modified rig so far, it was a free and easy alteration. If you have a few other things that use Manfrotto qr, than it's probably worth doing anyway. I'm not so sure it would give you the necessary clearance height though.

  • Hi guys!

    I need your help!

    I wanted good/quality rail rods and base plate with lens support to my tripod, so decided to buy Lanparte instead of noname chinese ones.

    Well I got it after 3 weeks, but I am quiet disappointed!

    My first impression is that it doesn't worth 200 dollar. Next to the baseplate there is a HOLE in the material which is obviously a manufacturing mistake.

    The other stupid thing about is that you can't tighten the baseplate if your camera is on it! See my pic below! You can't turn any further the green knob because of the GH2. Very stupid. Is there any solution for this? Because right now my cam is moving with the lens like hell. I need to tighten it as soon as possible.

    The other strange thing is that on the side of the baseplate the label says "LPT" and not "Lanparte" as it was seen in the ebay advertisement. Maybe I got a fake one? A cheap copy? I asked the seller and they replied that they only sell original Lanparte parts. The seller is: link-delight-na.

    I am very upset now, I hope you can help me!


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  • Loosen the center screw and turn the lever counter clockwise. Tighten the center screw then the lever.

    When the lever is tight (plate locked in place), loosen the center screw again and bump the camera (just like in the picture) with the lever. Tighten the center screw again.

    Hopefully this will give you enough rotation to unlock the plate enough to slide it in and out.

  • I tried it out yet, but the semicircle round is just not enough to tighten the baseplate.

    What a stupid system!

  • @JCVD

    I tried it out yet, but the semicircle round is just not enough to tighten the baseplate.

    What a stupid system!

    That s pretty shoddy! Either use a socket head screw or buy one of the screws with the spring loaded levers. I'd be tempted to send it back.

  • I am pissed off. Also this knob waggles. It has 5-6mm "backlash".

  • Oh, I just discovered something!

    You can pull out the knob sidelong and turn it counter clockwise over and over again until you can tighten the baseplate! Too bad I didn't get a manual instruction. :) It's like a hidden thing.

    Anyway, does it make a difference if there is "LPT" or "Lanparte" written on the label of the plate? How can you know if yours is original or fake?

  • That's the spring loaded lever I was talking about.

  • @JCVD

    I've just taken delivery of a base plate sent directly by Lanparte. It has LPT on it also

    I guess that indicates it is genuine

  • Yes, I contacted Lanparte, they asked me pictures, and they confirmed that mine is genuine too.

    Is it possible to buy directly from Lanparte? Didn't know that.