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Official Nikon D600 and D610 topic
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  • @evero & @LPowell

    Personally I have fixed the aperture issue. (My fix) Is to only use manual aperture lenses. As we all know this really is the only way to pull aperture if needed in shot (exposure control). Otherwise you will get a lovely stepping effect.

    The issue that I have found is that some of my lenses don't like being in manual aperture control (EE is displayed on D600). My primes are fine - but Tokina zooms (don't laugh- at f4 they are razor sharp!) don't play ball.

    To get around this I set the lens to camera control (largest f number lock) then also set the camera to the largest f number- and the correct shutter speed. Then when I enter Movie LV I simply unlock the aperture ring on the lens and BOOM! Smooth aperture control.

    So currently I don't have issues with aperture at all. Unfortunately Moire is horrid (aliasing is not that big a deal compared to patterns for me)- and HDMI is playing 'who framed Roger Rabbit'.

    Fortunately I purchased this for event photography- studio - etc... so I am not reaching for the invoice quite yet.


    @evero I have already sent off a service query- as far as I am concerned the black border is NOT uncompressed HDMI. They also should get a reality check with Moire which is a real game stopper, however I understand the technical issues in trying to please every camp.

    I have some very large Greenscreen shoots coming up next year, and if nothing changes till December will most probably be investing in a BMDC MFT. Once again I'm not selling my GH2 yet- but greenscreen is a RAW affair, and it will cost basically the same for an external recorder for the D600 as the whole darn BMDC!

  • @evero My understanding is that the limitations on aperture control in Live View mode are due to interactions with the mirror mechanism that cannot be fixed with a firmware revision. The D600 appears to have inherited this drawback from the D7000.

  • @alcomposer Thanks for testing. I was wondering: Any idea what's the best method for giving Nikon feedback about this black border, and no-aperture-change while in live view? I always fear that Nikon is not getting the message, so at least we should provide feedback as best as we can..


    Just worked out that when recording HDMI out of the D600 there is a black boarder around the video!

    This has become a very large issue online (search D600 HDMI black border)

    Lets hope that there is an update soon!

    I would suggest anyone wanting to get this camera for DSLR shooting primarily to hold off!


  • The clip is from from Jacob Fenn, (DSLR News Shooter covered this in the D800 posting) Ill ask DSLR Shooter if he can pop in his prototype Mosaic engineering OLP Filter for the D800 (same hole size?) don't know...

    Cheers, Al

  • DX crop mode posted, + example of good and bad frame right next to each other.

    F2.8 Iso 1000 shutter 50

    Power Lines Okish.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    Power Lines Lego Style.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Oh.. sure sorry @VK and @animanus... My head has been in photo mode for a few days now... (camera is 90% for photos). love the GH2 too much to ever ditch it! :-D

    For images obviously just crop... video no crop for sure.

  • Kind of pointless - can just crop after

    No, you can't. In movie mode it makes perfect sense.

  • @animanus I haven't had a look at APSC yet (no glass!)- but you can put it in APSC mode ?? Kind of pointless - can just crop after...

    @swester Filming power lines is not my idea of fun... however this is the worst... it does have issues, but not as bad as you have shown... This 'may' fix up with a HDMI tap?? (I totally understand that these are sensor issues- however the severity seams to come and go on a per frame basis - so possibly i-frame codec could at lease make it something I could live with) Anyway- this was shot into the sun.. so I am happy with the DR range! :-D (And yes that is dust on the f#king sensor... :( I have to already clean the sensor... :#

    Image shot at F 22 Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 shutter 50 (iso I forget- something like 500-1000?)

    Screen Shot 2012-09-22 at 5.51.18 PM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • Another video that reveals some icky moire...what a shame!

  • how is the APSC mode? any reduction in quality or other strangeness?

  • Ask a guy the just got the D600 anything...

    So far beyond impressed... Only issue is that I now need two?! :-(

  • The early clips seem to suggest that although it gives higher detail, it also exhibits similar moire and aliasing of the D800. So I guess it's pick your poison: softness of the Mk III or jaggies on the D600.

  • @swester I think I am not alone on this forum to think that the 24 mbit gh2 codec image is far superior to any of the Canon Dslr in the 50 to 70 mbit camera. The Sony fs100 24 mbit codec also has that same reputation. Now I am not saying it is perfect and far from it with lot of motion but number of mbit does correlate exactly with image quality, more so in the case of the Canon Dslr.

  • I think of all the cameras that just came out within my $1200 - $2300 budget, this nikon D600 is starting to look like the most appealing. Couple with the fact that I was in the market for a good still camera, this D600 with good video (hopefully great after more reviews) is slowly looking like a winner to me. Before the GH3 came out, I easily could have said the GH3 was my top camera but now I will I have to wait and play with the D600 and GH3 before I make a decision.

  • Why do you think people have hacked the GH2 to begin with? My unhacked GH2 at stock bitrate is noisy as hell.

    I'm waiting until I've seen more test footage from the D600 before making my conclusions. That's all.

  • @swester I can't understand your point about 24 mbit avchd bitrate. What the Gh2 has shown is that its implementation of the 24 mbits codec is far superior to anything higher that Canon dslr have on camera. More so that the 5dmark 3 image is very very soft and that you can have a D600 + $ 300 hyperdeck shuttle for literally $ 1000 less. I don't think there is any comparison here.

  • I didn't have the possibility to test the Nikon D600 but in my opinion is one of the most interesting camera of 2012/2013, Nikon made a big step in direction of the videographer and i'm happy for them.

    In paper the D600 look like almost the perfect machine (with the clean hdmi, 2 slot sd card, fullframe, interesting mode, etc)

    I think Nikon are going to listen more the videographer/pro recommendation and add some new features on the next firmware update (aperture in record mode and co), Nikon show that they are interested to the videographer and you can see it with the festival nikon (third edition start this week already) Also i will not be surprised if Nikon add a slow motion mode similar to the one of the Nikon J1 but with a better resolution.

    Good Job Nikon for the D600

  • I'm pretty confident that the aliasing is better on D600 - it's a much smaller MP sensor than the D800, so it's dealing with a lot less scaling in the first place.

    Perhaps the aperture issue will be fixed in a firmware update, which would make it much more appealing to me. As for the bitrate, the extra cost of the Atomos + SSD basically puts it into Mk III territory, which has a vastly better codec built-in anyway. So it's a toss-up at this price point. 24mbps H264 is lousy, no matter which way you cut it.

    Still, it's encouraging to see Nikon jab Canon where it hurts. As for the GH3, the full tests will reveal what we have in store. An exciting time to buying hunting for equipment, for sure.

  • I'm probably the exception rather than the rule but those issues are not issues to me. For non critical work that doesn't require heavy grading I see nothing wrong with the internal bitrate. For work that matters there is the Atomos and clean HDMI out. I also don't need aperture control on the body since all my lenses for video are fully manual Nikon AIS glass.

    I've heard that the aliasing on the D600 is actually better controlled than the D800, need to see more evidence of this though.

    Interesting times ahead and hard decisions to make if the D600 drops to a price that's close to the GH3. So many question marks about the GH3 sensor as well.

  • Argh. I really wanted to like the D600 and consider it as an alternative to the 5D/6D for video. But the no aperture adjustment in LIVE view and the pitiful stock bitrate just kills it for me. It isn't realistic for me to pack an external recorder just to bypass the codec.

    Oh well...Nikon could have blown Canon out of the water in the video crowd with this. But they're getting closer!

  • Nikon D600 came in just under D800 for image quality on DxOMark test. In low light it looks like it even beats the D800, which I suppose is to be expected:

  • @ahbleza that is a great video and also a great example of a SONY looking picture I don't want in my Panasonic Camera. The FS700 takes a pretty picture but it looks very processed. Did anyone else think Chris had been chromakeyed into the shot at 1 minute in?

    As I said in a comment for that video. 3:15 is priceless and why Nikon has no chance of attracting anybody who has ever used a proper LIVEVIEW camera

  • @ahbleza very encouraging for video users when he talks about the moire/aliasing. I think that as we have less pixel so less line skipping than in the d800 which result in better moire/aliasing. Perhaps if they had the same system in a 12 to 16 megapixel came we would get gh2 very low level of moire/aliasing.