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Future Megacities (web series)
  • hello guys,

    here is a movie, i've done with the gh2 and 'orion v4b'. I have postet the movie in another thread yesterday, but i think, here is the better place :-) so, sorry for double-posting. The movie is a project documentation about the work of IGNIS in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The project deals with sustainable development of megacities of tomorrow - energy- and climate-efficient structures in urban growth centres. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Can't believe no-one's commented on this. Great video, fantastic insight into another culture, beautifully edited. Thank you!

  • Many thanks for your reply mark!

  • congrats dude, great little film. Fascinating subject, nicely crafted storytelling. keep it up!

  • You actually made me forget about which camera you were using and instead you took me on a journey...this is what great storytelling is all about. Congratulations to you and the many people who have been given a voice through your work. Having said that, the GH2 really is a little beast...the images are fantastic with setting Orion v4b. Cheers mate!

  • Hey wow. Didn't expect those comments. Its just a simple project-presentation, so there wasn't a lot space for great storytelling. @pchristoph this is really my main intend - forget the techniques and just get into the story. Thanks for pointing this. i'm glad you like it!

  • Marcus brother, make us proud.

  • Well done, Marcus/spiell77!!! Good to see our great little camera at work doing the work that needs doing…such as promoting/documenting the great work that others are doing. Keep at it, my friend, for as your guys say, it's a process to learn how to do it well enough that all involved will make it sustainable. Cheers to you and your team

  • Very nice. Was there much color correction/grading done in post? (Marcus, ich glaube wir haben eine gemeinsame Bekannte - wie klein die Welt doch ist...)

  • Nicely done @spiel77 !!

    I agree with pchristoph, I was really drawn into the subject matter! Which, is the intent, after all!

  • Yeah, great doc. Very interesting, very pretty, and enlightening.

  • It was only a soft grading, done in fcp. shot in cinema mode with 4*-2, so the images have been relatively flat. for my taste there is still space left for grading - but as i am not that good skilled in grading, i didn't want to exaggerate it. ( @Jodan achja? :-) Wer bist Du denn und wer ist unsere gemeinsame Freundin? gern auch pm)

  • Hi Spiel, just watching the documentary now. Can you enlighten us on what you did for sound capture? I've been debating between getting a plugin mic on the hot shoe vs using an external recorder and syncing later.

    -Just finished. I enjoyed it thoroughly. You shot it very skillfully and I can't wait to make some doc pieces now.

  • Hey! Sound recording was done via external zoom h4 with a Sennheiser ME66. Synced later with pluraleyes 2.0. I love this tool ;) we had a hot shoe with us but didn't use it.

  • hey @ all - i need some advice on the new patches since orion. i leave to nairobi next week (15th) and will work again on the future megacities project. i liked the constant bitrate of orion v4b and the image quality it gives. maybe the new footage will be cut together with the one of this documentary here... so, should i stay with orion v4b or change to mysterion or canis? it would be great if some of you would state their thoughts.

  • hey @all again :)

    for those who are interested what has happend since the ignis movie from the first thread was published.. here is the continuation :) hope you'll enjoy the following: