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Driftwood Sedna q1 vs Red Epic 5k
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  • till u color correct then things slow to a grind

  • Hey BannedinDV i didn't notice it was you. How u doing my man! hah, yeah doing a basic edit with the r3d footage which was all I'd done when I started proclaiming how easy it was to edit r3d in cs5.5 (cs6). But now i'm in the grading and fx process it's just 3 times harder than just working with gh2 footage or 60d footage. And I don't see 3 times the benefit to using the r3d. i want the video process to be fun and spontaneous and the larger the format the harder (more expensive it is) to get that done. So yeah the last video we shot we kept the epic in the car cause it's just not as fun to shoot with and I think it shows in the vid. Our new vid is getting lots of great response and I don't think it would have been any better with a shot on r3d logo @ the end and I know it would of been impossible to shoot and edit in 24 hours like we did this vid:

    you know what i'm talking about cause u shot that beautiful vid on the beach with a 5d and I asked if u'd used your epic ;)

    anywho, we gotta have couples dinner soon! cheers, Jayson