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Risk of owning mirrorless-system lenses
  • I guess there is a native risk of owning mirrorless-system lenses. Forget about resale value.

    Oly is about to release new bodies with incredibly fast AF. Faster than GH2!!! Just a month ago I was complaining about Oly's slow shutter lag. But only if newly designed Oly m43 lenses like 12/2.0 and 45/1.8 are used. I wouldn't buy new Oly body since I can't get such fast AF from Panny m43 lenses I own. Resale value of older Oly m43 lenses are expected to nosedive.

    I just canceled PL 25 preorder. I heard 14/2.5 price dropped a lot in Asia. It dropped to $340 in the States. Maybe going below $300 soon.
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  • As long as it suits you, and as long as µ43 is not dead, the risk is quite low ... I spent 3 to 4k USD in µ43 (GF1, GH1, GH2, 5 lenses), if I sell everything today, I won't lose any money, in 1 year maybe 1k, 2 years maybe 2k, etc.

    I spend more money smoking, I think 1k a year to enjoy photo/video is not that much
  • If you have bought them on the dip, the loss could be little or none. I have GH1, GH2, 20.7, 14-42. Total 1.5k. Plus a bunch of legacy lenses. I can break even if I sell them all now. But I'm hesitant in buying more m43 gears. No more small increment upgrades. I quit smoking. No soda. No milk. More cash in my hand.