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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • Well, maybe he'll hit this time...

  • Well, maybe he'll hit this time...

    May be, but it does not look like it.

  • Roughly 70 percent of all investors lose money in the stock market, but a scam is a scam. If this is a scam, it should be investigated. There is a difference, for example, in a business that is a real business, like solar or a restaurant, and they go under in a difficult market, versus a company that makes false promises.

  • ok, so Joe Rubinstein and Elle Schneider are taking care about the "story" around Digitalbolex. Stylianos Derventzis is the boss of Ienso, the company that supposedly is developing the camera. You can find a few employees of Ienso on linkedin:

    Rongbiao Ma
    Kamran Sabeti, P.Eng.
    Stephen Liu
    Vitaly Makarov

    They all seem tobe quite experienced engineers but not so much in the field of digital imaging. Someone with an LinkedIN account could probably find more details about their staff.
    I guess they are missing a guy like Dan Hudgins who knows something about de-mosaicing and CinemaDNG workflows.

    Now - did Derventzis hire Rubinstein to drive a modern social media campaign or did Rubinstein hire Derventzis to develop the product? If its the first, we might still have a chance that there will finally be a DigitalBolex.

  • Now - did Derventzis hire Rubinstein to drive a modern social media campaign or did Rubinstein hire Derventzis to develop the product? If its the first, we might still have a chance that there will finally be a DigitalBolex.

    If you collect bits from interviews, it seems like first option only. As Stylianos did same thing few times already, one startup died, they changed office (sometimes it was same office) or building, move to new one under new name and story continued.

    Big red warn sign is cite from interview considering one of his startups. They always wanted to do all by themselfs, and do something strange that other people did not get.

  • This one is more interesting - Andriy Nazar

    Firmware for HD Cinema camera base on TI multimedia DM8148 SOC (Linux BSP and application);

  • so as for the software solution, they want to team up with but don't expect their software to be shipped with the camera as a gift just as BMD dose with Resolve ... and the Pomfort software isn't near close all those features Rubinstein mentioned in his blog.

  • Looks like there is something still happening.

    No links to aggregators, please. Better link to original.

  • It's not a pic like this which is going to lend any authenticity to what, after all, is carried on with the usual commercial secrecy:


    It's backing by names with money, credibility and reputation to protect. Or real, accredited, employed and insured journalists.

    Specifically, it's Bolex Paillard (CH) who I'd like to see chime in around now with some sort of pastoral care statement, not an E-zine saying "engineers in Toronto received a shipment of their boards [sic]."

    Instead it looks to the rest of us that Bolex have handed over rights to their trade mark name and said, "go for your life, kids!"

  • @goanna

    Don't get it it seriously.
    It is site consisting from articles made by writers for cheap (hence, it is called advanced copy&paste).

  • new blog post at digitalbolex about Joe being a maker (product designer):

    "I went through the tutorials and watched some youtube videos and now I feel like I can build just about anything!"

    Now he got a printed prototype of his EF lens mount. This boy is trying very hard and I really wish him the best of luck! People where saying in comments of previous posts that now that Black Magic has problems, DigitalBloex can catch up and be right on time with a RAW solution for film makers. That's bull shit because DB will have their very own mass production problems still ahead.

  • @Alex

    Their whole site is big fun. I think their boss left it for them, and they are having fun.

  • Does someone have a link to the interview where they actually talk about their "boss"?

  • @Alex

    Check first pages, I think it was Elle interview, but I can forget.

  • I checked (page 5) but she is always talking about "partners" there is no word about working for a boss. I guess the money from kickstarter just pays for the PR. She is saying, the money goes into getting the product ready for mass production. Well maybe. I love to follow how this story evolves. There is a lot of drama involved.

  • @Alex

    It had been quite long time ago, so I do not remamber exact interview. I think it were not in one.

  • Guys posted new part of fantasies on their site.

    The camera is the final body, with 98% of the final materials. It is not a fully functional camera yet, but it is what the fully functional camera will look like, at least 98% of what it will look like.

    All of the hardware is finished design wise, almost all of it is done production wise, the assembly is going very well, the final step is writing and implementing the firmware.

    We hope to have a functional (maybe not fully) camera very soon!

    Hence, if we start to believe them (that proved to be quite idiotic) we'll see mockup with attached lense that will look 98% as final product. I think we already saw one photo of "final body". Sadly, produced components did not fit. I am sure this time firmware won't fit, and it'll require complete redesign and adding one extra handle to the side so you could adjust aperture with it.

  • well all that I know is that, if this rumour is true.

    If they managed to get the camera to mass production and available to the end of the year this is a kick in the nuts of BMDCC, global shutter, 4h battery, 4 xlr imputs, amazing ergonomics, usb3, hdmi/sli, raw... I'm sold... ;-)

  • It's very easy to add features to an imaginary camera. If you wait another couple of months, it might go to 4k with an 8 hour internal battery and no noise at ISO 25600.

  • I prefer to use a camera that exists over a vaporware camera with amazing specs.

  • @leonbeas - How do you consider this a kick in the nuts to the BMCC? These are totally different animals for a similar price point. One was originally conceived purely for professional purposes, the other was more for the nostalgia of harkening back to the 16mm documentary/art house days. Has DBolex *added more pro specs? Yes. This is probably what was the bugaboo for the camera over the last 7 months. (I'm not sure that I buy into the theory of VK on this) They started trying to make this cam all things to all people. It's like they didn't want to say "no, we can't do that" to anyone.

    • I use the term "added" as nothing has been put forth in actuality on their claims of specs.
  • I realise is pure speculation, and its not available yet but guess what BMDCC isn't either, as for different animals at the end of the day you buy what you need to have the job done and if I have to choose between rolling shutter issues vs clean image, guess what would be my choice, I need run and gun, guess again those xlr inputs are sweet and ergonomics sooo sexy. I understand that is just some letters saying what it will eventually do when don't know (even if so).

    But side by side tec specs the D16 wins the round. Black magic needs to raise the bar with firmware, and active m4/3 mount, for yesterday.

    I'm buying camera in the next few months and didn't went BMDCC way because I need a run and gun camera, and bulk batteries and rig being obligatory for this camera got me out. I don't doubt that is an amazing tool for specific tasks, and maybe in near future I buy one for green screen and special beautiful picture. But for then if D16 is out I have to do the maths again.

  • What I find unbelievable is that they can make all of these improvements, whereas huge camera companies cannot. Double the battery size? No problem. Offer a port to power your electric hedge trimmer? Done.

    So I hope something comes of it, but why not make all these dream items for V2 and get the thing out the door. Anyway, like a good soap opera they offer new episodes.

  • So I hope something comes of it, but why not make all these dream items for V2 and get the thing out the door. Anyway, like a good soap opera they offer new episodes.

    DBolex is perfect example on technique elites use to keep big amount of monkeys calm and happy.