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Glidecam HD-4000 stabilizer usage with HDSLRs
  • im borrowing a gh2 and fs-100 for a project where i need a stabilizer that can handle the individual weight of both cams. will be using a longer zeiss lense so gh2 set up is a bit heavier than the typical stock setup. should i get a lighter rig for them (hd2ooo) or something like the hd4ooo? the gh2 config weighs in @ 3.5lbs (lens + base plate w/camera). anyone used the hd4000 extensively with smaller dslrs? if so, please share your experiences. thanks

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  • I haven't used the Glidecam HD4000, but it has a payload of 4-10 lbs, which may be problematic with the GH2. I've read that the HD1000 is a better fit for the GH2 than the HD4000. You might look into the Camera Motion Research Blackbird stabilizer, which supports between 1-8 pounds and gets great reviews. The Blackbird would likely provide support for all of your cameras without any performance trade-offs, whereas the HD4000 may be less than ideal for the GH2 (though adding a cage could help).

    Blackbird kits retail for $675, but I just won a barely used model on eBay for $400. The stabilizer can also be purchased without the kit for $470. My kit's still en route, so I can't give my own impressions yet.

  • @aprioir thanks for the comments. i think i might try the unit you mention.

  • I have HD4000 and HD1000 as well... HD4000 is overkill for DSLR

    BTW, forget about these merlin type stabilizers for serious usage with FS100.. I wouldn't use them even with DSLR's.. you can't controll these stabilizers as much as one would like to... just my 2 cents

  • I use the 4000 Pro (traded from the 2000 Pro) and I really need the extra weight threshold. However that's because I use heavy lenses (Lomo cine primes) and want to use my camera on a rig on it, which makes it heavier.

    I don't have a vest, but an arm-brace, which is a REAL life-saver, the improvement from just holding it in your hand is BIG and while it's not a vest, it makes it way smoother.