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live signal from composite out - GH1
  • Hi, I own an old GH1. This can be hacked. I want to use it as an security camera (I work in the music busines and want to check what it going on on stage). I do not need to record or anything. I just want to send the live picture out of the composite out. I can not achive this. Is this possible?

    Thanks for the help.

    Best. F. Frank

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  • @FFrank

    Sell GH1 and get used body that has live output, it is plenty with not big price now.

    Also note - modern security cameras are much better than GH1 in such intended purpose, and much cheaper.


    Something like this - can check via smartphone, it can also send you notices on movement and also record to cloud. It has battery that runs for like half a day or even few days, as far as I understand it is main reason why you try to use GH1, or not?

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  • But if he wants to put a 600mm lenses so he can chekout from the distance his victims? M4/3 should be a good security camera!

    Use the HDMI port and use a converter after, HDMI is life video feed if you put rec it would black out.