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I need a little equipment and gear shopping help in Shenzhen/Hong Kong, China!!!! Lanparte User!!!!
  • Hey gang! So I'm heading to China in a few days, Macau specifically, but I'm trying to arrange a day trip to Shenzhen and surrounding area when I land in Hong Kong. I'm documenting a high-wire artist with my 7D, 5D, a couple GoPros, and my fantastic Lanparte shoulder rig; Master Chief Edition;) and I'm in need of a few extra thing's. I could only find these things online by ebay retailer or directly from the company in China but it dawned on me that almost everything I want is created in a factory (or is distributed) in Shenzhen or somewhat near where I am staying. Lanparte, Cinematics, Chinavasion, Dengfu (that's for my triathlon bike), to name a few. Also, many of the ebay retailers I come across when ordering are located in Shenzhen or Hong Kong. I'm in the south of France for the moment and I'm severely isolated from anything remotely resembling a photography store, let alone anything this specific. I generally order all of my stuff online as it is and from what I hear, there's no way a package would get to me in time nor should I consider having anything sent to me in China. Instead, I'm hitting the pavement and attempting to buy what I need directly from the Chinese manufacturers and I'm coming to the site that has already brought me sooooo much fortune. I'm hoping I can find a little help, if not, just some leads to go on.

    The list (just simplifying, not trying to sound condescending):

    Lilliput 7" monitor w/Peaking and HDMI out, ebay retailer is located in Shenzhen, I'm going to email them.

    V-Mount battery pinch w/battery and accessory cables/dummy battery. I sent an email to Lanparte but I've yet to hear back.

    Video tripod/fluid head. The FC-04H Mod Fluid head + CT7402 legs would be ideal (I know, order one from PV deal but I didn't have the cash until now and like I said, getting something shipped to me in China is ill-advised), or something similar. I know that Weifeng is in Ningbo but perhaps they have a retailer in Hong Kong, this is what I'm trying to find out.

    Lav Mic Fuzzy windscreens.

    Honestly, anywhere that sells cheap lenses. I completely understand that I get what I pay for but judging by my Lanparte rig, China really is trying to break the stigma for poor quality.

    Please let me know if you've got any answers/ideas/leads/thoughts.

    Thanks and be well!

    Jake Gilbert

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