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Filmvision Pro plug-in
  • There's a YouTube user called ekzotica who has been posting some nice-looking videos from the G2 using this plug-in. I don't yet own a G-series camera, but I'd like to get one (probably G2) and I'd like to be able to achieve similar results. What would this involve?

    Thanks for your patience.

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  • Is a comment about how producer hasn't make anything productive lots of time since its inception.

  • @Still

    What is this comment for?

  • What the f&&k this FilmVision? Davinci Resolve forever! ))

  • There is certainly nothing real about 'FilmVision Pro Cinematic Algorithm'. 5 years of developing a so-called plugin that degrades the image by applying a classic 'Teal/Orange' look, and ignoring all requests for information, really makes 'producer' look like a egotistic fraud. I call B.S. of the highest order!

  • More surreal thread on PV ever.

  • May be he likes to be ... mysterious.

  • Ya, this is so unoriginal. Why the person put so many video footage example but not a single hint where we could download the plug-in?

  • this plugin not exist.... FAKE!

  • Wow! Love the original camera footage!

  • (Look for the original source in the description for comparison)

  • It is not and has never been available. It has a long history; 4 years+ on this thread.

  • where is this available?

  • where can the plugin be downloaded? I'd love to try it out works under CC 2015?

  • Film Emulation - Preset for AE CS6

    Hey, this is what I came up with by trying emulate Film look on my simple GH2 footage. I actualy even made it into preset, which I still work on but will definetly release in few weeks. so here it is Film Emulation - Preset for AE CS6 (Filmvision Pro plug-in REAL version)

  • where can i find this plug in at and does it work for Vegas pro 12

  • I watched through a few edits, and the blacks are crushed WAY too much. This post is 10 months old and still no release so I guessing it's not real?

  • @producer: I think the look is really nice. But: rolling shutter is pretty bad, looking forward to a video with shallow dof and 180 degree shutter (24p/25p with 1/50th) :) I SO hope you will release it. Is there a way to get those results with the built-in plugins?

  • @producer Love your work! would you share your work?

  • @producer Sorry so much . I have confused. It was an similar aplication from pwc user. Sorry. However, how do you use it? It is possible a beta demo of this aplication

  • I really don't understand... What link have I sent you, when?