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Capitalism: Mordor elites are secret socialism lovers
  • The Kremlin has two state agricultural enterprises. Agrocomplex "Voskresensky" located along the Kaluga highway and the agrocomplex "Nepetsino" along the Kolomenskoe highway. They grow organic products for the Kremlin and parliament. Both these farms are owned by the state and there are no private entrepreneurs in them and they work not for profits, only goal is to keep best organic food quality. Both management and workers receive a solid standard salary and sometimes small bonuses, they don't have any fines and penalties. A private trader needs to get as much profit as possible and this pushes him to all sorts of adventures in growing livestock, vegetables, fruits, and all kinds of greenery. But here it is not the case. Instead these two farms have specialized laboratories who check quality and lack of any optimization for each batch of production.

    So, for their own food elites are smart enough to keep horrible and unacceptable socialism around. They are not fans of free market.

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  • You are attacking it’s core power!! The real food!

    Ohh if we could get a grab of those gardens!!!!

  • Capitalism, socialism, communism (or revisionism). None of them will be wiped out anytime soon.

  • @stonebat

    If you posting almost 2 hours video provide detailed summary, otherwise it is disrespect to readers.

    I checked only small pieces and it is so low level (at initial fast view), why you are still listening to this guys? It is so blatantly foolish to talk about power without economics and classes, funny.

    And his talk on October revolution ad 1917 history, it is.. well, I want to spit In this shiny prostitute face and after this unload round of bullets in it. As he just lies, openly and dishonestly, falsify facts and not explaining even basic realities to western people who hear all this bullshit. Like Bolsheviks coup against... themselfs, as he fails to explain that power distribution inside all leading cities Soviets changed very fast, so small falsification leads to big lie. To cover all lies one needs nice bold book to comment on this all. Like constant innuendo that Stalin killed Lenin (common menshevik and anticommunist lie), some huge significance of General secretary post (it is 100% bullshit) and so on.

    It is this nice and innocent looking old guys who are much worse than murderers and must actually have same fate as murderers (get my word if it'll be left thing turn this guy will jump into plane and leave US same day, he wants to live nice and jail cell will be his future).

    So don't listen to such independent "AI researchers" guy who invite "objective guests", this guy invited you professional who do everything to lie and distract you from truth.

    Professor in History and International Affairs at Princeton University, where he is also Co-Director of the Program in History and the Practice of Diplomacy and the Director of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.[2] He is also a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.[3] He has won a number of awards and fellowships, including the Guggenheim Fellowship, the American Council of Learned Societies and the National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship.

    Well, anticommunist and antisoviet shit.

    It can be nice very initial introduction for someone who has no knowledge at all, as better than very short media stamps, but need to jump to much better content.

    communism (or revisionism).

    And that this remark means at all?

  • Communists embraced capitalism in their own system. Why? I thought they are so eager in destroying capitalism. Thus revisionists. Do everything to maintain the power.

  • About the long video, I’m getting tired of explanation. I am not here to convince anyone. Some would find it interesting. Some not. Let it be.

  • @stonebat

    Communists embraced capitalism in their own system. Why? I thought they are so eager in destroying capitalism. Thus revisionists. Do everything to maintain the power.

    As soon as you throw out main things - classes and society, only bullshit remains.

    It is not bad communists-idiots who "embraced capitalism", it is complex class struggle and development.

    You are looking at the biggest and hardest battle in history and if all you see is "maintain power" stuff it is pity.

    Guy you referenced utterly lies on EACH and every Marxist thing. Just blatantly lies and replaces words and shuffles meanings. He makes up historic facts and talk about this with serious face, despite that lies is on the level of kindergarten. All main questions interviewer read from paper that had been given to him as he clearly have no idea that he asks. And thing about socialism being nuclear bomb that communist drop on poor people heads is just beyond any bounds, even true devoted fascist scum like Goebbels won't go to for it, but this scum did.

    I specially told in reply that Kotkin is on your (and every progressive man) enemies side:

    It seems like there are only two classes, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie...”
    “....only two classes, And whoever isn’t on one side is on the other…

    This guy is on the capitalists side, hence lies, false information and cherishing his beloved capitalist masters, as if he won't do it - all his house and lots of nice free working man money that pours on his head each day will be gone. He is like high paid prostitute, has his nice style, but he still sell his hole for money. He is last utter human scum, much worse than people who rape children each morning.

    I am not here to convince anyone. Some would find it interesting. Some not. Let it be.

    Actually PV is about opposite thing, it is not about things are "just interesting". It is about showing that things that can initially look like "just interesting" can actually decide your fate until you are not actively taking position and act on them.

    I am all for having such videos and direct opposite views, but get courage to fight for them, or courage to understand that it is low level lie stuff, but do something, take position.

    Having wrong political and economic views is no different as having "personal" views on electricity that state that nothing will happen if you using two hands and try to become nice live resistor in 220V main voltage circuit. Such views, if implemented, can have tragic consequences for you or for other people around.

  • I sorta agree with you that a lot of "my" opinions might be just copy and paste. Or simply programmed to make such decisions based on matching conditions. Lots of if-then-else statements. In that sense, maybe I don't have a freewill. But it's ok.

    Here's another copy and paste.

    "Nature itself is based on uncertainty." Yay quantum world. We can't see the big picture and tiny detail at the same time. Here's my take. I can't see the big trend of what is going on and live in the moment at the same time. That sounds fair to me. I could spend all my life to understand all details to make sense of this complex world or I could simply enjoy moment. But I can't do both at the same time.

    What good would it do if I don't get joy after spending years on searching for the truth if it doesn't really mean much? BTW the video is quite interesting. Matters & anti-matters animation is pretty cool. One could spend lifetime to understand how it works to discover the secret of universe. But if it is a wave that created elements leading to life form, what does it mean? Can we even describe it in words? A lot of things in life is like "It is what it is." And nothing more to say. I look at this fall sky and say "Wow so blue." What more to say?

  • One could spend lifetime to understand how it works to discover the secret of universe. But if it is a wave that created elements leading to life form, what does it mean? Can we even describe it in words? A lot of things in life is like "It is what it is." And nothing more to say.

    Well, if you stick to uncertainly and quantum bullshit (used by modern physics who try to put real world to match their wrong formulas) - you are even not starting to seek for the truth.

    Remember - science is just mere servant to the ruling class. And modern quantum and similar physics appeared as anti materialistic and anti communist wave in science sponsored by scared to death ruling class.

    So, no it is not true that "everything come from nothing", as it is just modern version of religious bullshit made up as old version did not stick on your ears properly anymore.

    I want you to open eyes and think. Look at present Trump thingy - all leading media, almost 100% leading bloggers are suddenly telling exact same things in exact same tone and exact same time (another group is telling different things but are being severely censored despite just recently, 4-5 years ago, being big nice friends). Almost all popular politics, technical or scientific channels on youtube are all the same - the promote and show you actually only one point of view, it is just slightly repainted into different shitty colors - they promote point of view of ruling class. And as soon as they stop doing it or do it not the best even - they are getting demoted, restricted, their reach limited, subscribers no longer get notices and so on and on. They are all nice different colors, but in reality are all black shitty capitalist scum. Btw, same is true for leading channel related to camera or video industry (here I know this personally including very honest backstage talks).

  • Obviously you are very opinionated. Let it be. It is what it is.

  • @stonebad

    Obviously you are very opinionated. Let it be. It is what it is.

    I laughed so loud here.

    You'll soon understand that it was time to go with the flow, look at nice videos and have "personal" opinions. But it is no longer the case. It is time to take sides and have position, real one. If you won't get it - it'll be horrible and hard collision with the wall of life.

    COVID and capitalists quickly making new and new anti communist laws and restrictions just show that it is not much time left at all.

  • That last paragraph you wrote @vitaliy about making Next move before they implement more anti communist laws, I think it’s too late now. Been saying it the Third World War will be us against them, Very long one, only war can make a real change, nothing comes in peace and sitting in front of a computer, you have to take action as you said, take a stance and choose a band.

    No change comes easy, less when is a social one, more of an anthropological one we need.

  • I agree with you @Vitaliy. Taking no side would lead to more harsh life. That's probably why the polarity is getting bigger.

    But then again it is what it is. Maybe truth can be found while bearing the pain.

  • Some little fun (turn on English subs).

  • Haha. Yeah call me a waged slave. Let it be.

    The last words of Jesus: "It is finished." Of course he had a human body but endured inhumane torture. Even those who don't believe in God would have found a hope in that...cuz no other human could have endured it.

  • @stonebat

    It is actually moron from first video who called you "waged slave" (he just have big issue with Marxism, lot of colon problems even thinking about it, you can see it from his pose and face).

    The slave who is aware of his slavish condition and fights it is a revolutionary. The slave who is not aware of his slavish condition and vegetates in silent, unenlightened, and wordless slavery, is just a slave. The slave who drools when smugly describing the delights of slavish existence and who goes into ecstasies over his good and kind master is a grovelling boor.

  • I don’t think a true revolution happens when a middle aged man worries about his diminishing retirement fund.

    I had said this years ago. A true revolution happens when a young mother worries about the world while breastfeeding her newborn. Nope we are not even close to it.

  • @stonebat

    People always wait for something to repeat almost literally. Don't make this mistake.

    In early 20th century almost everyone had been young, populating growth had been staggering, issues had been severe and lot of things looked up as having very simple solutions.

    It does not mean in early 21th century things are the same.

  • So we are about 10 years for First World War 21th century style ?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    So, no it is not true that "everything come from nothing", as it is just modern version of religious bullshit made up as old version did not stick on your ears properly anymore.

    Of course it's not true it's maybe one of the greatest scam in history of humankind. The actual sistem doesn't come from thin air there's always a foundation on which can be build anything beeing strong or weak.

    Actually the clerics from long ago where more or less in tbe same position as today ruling class (the things evolved of course but not for better).

    First of Genesis and first of Jhon where they took "everything comes for nothing" actually doesn't say anything about nothing as nothing doesn't exist...

    Where i live there is a saying...same shit under different hat.

  • Obviously neither of you watched the video link I posted. Actually it says “Everything came from ALMOST nothing.” That’s a ground breaking discovery IMO. “Nothing” in this context implies that we just cannot see with our bare eyes, but of course there are some things...lot of them. One possibility is that our universe including dark space/energy had existed before The Big Bang. And this bodes well with oriental philosophies, believe it or not.

  • @stonebat

    I know this theory very well, and as I said, whole theory of Big Bang came from religion (to be precise - from extremely idealistic physics) and had been hyped as anti communist theory (as it is anti materialistic).

    Since early 20th century and especially towards 50th-70th years period it had been big dream that you can construct such theories and toss the fact such a way so it'll be possible to support exploiters (in USSR new arising groups also supported this theories and helped enemies). And as physics existed almost 100% on the money directly from ruling class grants or from top investor funds - they jumped on the train.

    Sorry if it sounds little radical, but I intentionally doing this to keep people attention and show them that things are not as they seems to be presented at large media sites or large youtube channels.

  • Ah lost my posting...

  • @stonebat

    One simple metaphor of oriental philosophies: What is evil? It depends. Let’s say your pet dog poops on grass. It will nourish the land. But land will die if a truck dumps massive amount of poops on the same grass. Thus less can be more.

    Here all is simple:

    People always have been the foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be, until they have learned to seek out the interests of some class or other behind all moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises.

    V. Lenin.

    This fits science perfectly.

    You need to understand that it is no such thing as non class science. Lot of late USSR fool scientists though so but they just made most tragic error.

    Error you make is that you think that some theory is just some "idea" of isolated scientist or small group of them that become popular because of some nice qualities. It is not so.

    Theories like Bing Bang are products of class society, where ruling class actually ORDERS such theory, not specific theory, but such a theory that will have qualities and explanations that fit the ruling class narrative in its fight with exploited class. Same is true for religion, as all main monotheistic religions had been made up by quite large collectives over quite long period of time with one sole purpose - make exploitation more effective. And you can easy see this efficiency - as more people died painfully and prematurely from this tools than from any other means.

    Get COVID-19, it is product of class society science, where developing biological weapon aimed at masses is nice and legit goal (and that is being performed now in almost all leading countries), Only within last year this guys made at least 10-15 new viruses that are much much more deadly and spread much nicer.

  • I agree with you that original big bang theory is bs.

  • @stonebat

    I agree with you that original big bang theory is bs.

    Problem is not that it is BS. Problem is to understand that it is and why it is promoted with such force. Problem is to understand and show how in last 60-70 years we got bunch of parasites living on the back of society organism who produce nice looking papers and nice sounding presentations but can't move progress in proper direction.