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Podcast: COVID 19: Impact on Indie Filmmaking and Hollywood
  • Go Creative Show explores the devastating effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on indie filmmakers, editors, and YouTube video creators.

    In this episode, filmmaker and Film Riot creator Ryan Connolly and director and video editor Chris Fenwick discuss losing freelance work, creating YouTube content while social distancing, collaborating remotely, and more. Plus a workflow for remote recording.

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  • The Coronavirus Impact on Hollywood (with Brendan Uegama and Matt Donnelly)

    Go Creative Show is exploring the devastating effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on filmmaking. In this episode, cinematographer Brendan Uegama and Variety’s Matt Donnelly discuss how the Hollywood film industry has been effected and how it will adapt to the changing landscape.

    Brendan, Matt, and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss Hollywood’s reaction to the spread of COVID-19, ways you can best use your time self-quarantining, being prepared for outbreaks in the future, staying motivated and creative during uncertain times, and more!

  • @jleo

    One thing I want to add si to listen to all this guys with big sceptecism.

    And note how overvalued all this online stuff had been. In the time the peopl eod not have money and proper work it is literrally impossibl to live from all this online things (even before all this it had been very hard).

    And I think it is bets to use your time to lear a little about society around you and capitalism specifically.

  • I honestly have no interest in watching anything from 'filmriot'. Anyway, most media is dead to me. Literally millions of hours of available media garbage from 1001 different sources, and I couldn't care less about 99% of them and would rather just watch my old DVDs or reruns over the antenna. Maybe I'm old and out of touch now