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Mini "Action" Gimbals - Snoppa Vmate vs DJI Osmo Pocket vs FIMI etc.
  • Sorry to start a new topic. I had seen a post on this new camera from Snoppa called the VMate, very similar to the DJI Osmo Pocket, for an Indiegogo campaign but now don't see it. I have some shoots coming up that would really benefit from such a low profile camera, and I believe today is the last day of the Vmate campaign so just trying to do some due diligence.

    There are so many new products based on the DJI Osmo Pocket, I was curious of anyone has shot with any of these cameras and their experiences? The Vmate looked ok but it's hard to find footage, and the footage I did see looked awful, but it's hard to tell of that's the camera, YouTube compression, etc.

    So just wanted to see if any PV members shoot with any of these gimbal camera, if they are worth it or if they're all garbage. Also, I am not plugged into DJI cameras in general, what their release calendar is typically like (if at all) so was wondering if I should wait for NAB for a new Pocket model.

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  • I have the Osmo Pocket and I find it to be a good little 4K camera. Manual control over the video, easy options for on device control, mobile connected and also wireless control. It is also very low profile which you mentioned you're looking for. You can hold it in your hand tipped down with the gimbal facing forward and no one ever notices you. The footage is good and doesn't look like an action cam because of the focal length, but due to that it can be hard to capture a large scene without staying back quite a bit. To increase the versatility there are magnetic wide angle filters that can be stuck onto the lens for when you need it.

    I have not used any of the other cameras mentioned though. I didn't even realize there were other cameras like the Osmo Pocket on the market.

  • Thanks! Everything I have seen from the Osmo Pocket looks good, especially for the form factor. I have been looking at all of these newer small cameras but from what I have seen so far (and I could be missing a lot), no one's image is as good as DJI.