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LUMIX GH1 Config for travel channel?
  • Hi, I'm quite a rookie in the world of video. I have a second-hand GH1 with the 14-45 MEGA OIS lens. My intention is to use the camera to record travel videos, in fact I am already using it, but I would like to know which configuration is the most appropriate to then upload the videos to YouTube and what hacks you recommend. I have no interest in timelapse or slow motion. I give more importance to the images being clear with beautiful colors and without unwanted movements. I have some manual lenses, such as Pentacon 50 1.8, Pentancon 29 2.8, HELIOS 44-2 58 f / 2. My specific questions are what hack to use and what camera settings. OIS MODE 1, 2 OR 3, autofocus or manual ... etc ... Thank you very much.

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  • I'd stick with Manual Focus with the GH1 when doing video, but I'd switch to AF for photos though