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SIGMA fp Cinema Camera with CinemaDNG raw
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  • It looks tasty. Still on the fence.

  • My favorite lens for the Sigma fp (even though it is for crop mode) - the Canon EF S 15-85 IS. Best stabilization of any lens I have used and super sharp. Good range as a general purpose lens.

  • @markr041 very nice! what adapter are you using for EF-S lens?

  • @jleo Thanks. Sigma MC-21: L to EF. The Sigma fp has a crop mode, so you can use EF and EF S lenses, even EF lenses in crop mode.

  • @markr041 thanks, I have the Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm, but it's not too stealthy!

  • @jleo I tried the Panasonic S 24-105. It is a great lens - basically parfocal with little focus breathing, constant-aperture, and auto focus is fine (given the limits of the camera). And as a full-frame lens, you have the option to go into crop mode and extend the reach (to 160mm) with no loss of resolution in 4K. However, the stabilization is just not very good, and that to me is key to handheld, agile shooting. The Canon EF S 15-85 has the best stabilization of any extended zoom I have tried.

  • @markr041 yes, that's what I feel about the Lumix 24-105, but your new combo looks like a winner for street shooting!

  • New firmware v2.02

    • Corrected the bug related to Compressed RAW over HDMI recording with Atomos NINJA V monitor-recorder (ISO metadata reported in Final Cut Pro X may occasionally be incorrect if using 1/3 EV ISO adjustments on the camera)
    • Corrected the bug related to the electronic image stabilization system in CINE mode (Video footage appears distorted in the following conditions - Stopping the video recording using the shutter button when the electronic image stabilization system is turned “ON” and the shutter button function is set to “REC” in CINE mode.)

  • I think I will take a hiatus from Nikon and give this camera a try very soon. I keep hoping the FP2 will come out before years end with phase detect and a mechanical shutter (I don't give a shit about IBIS), but I am pretty sure that it won't be till late next year or spring at best.

  • The Sigma fp body is on sale right now. US $100 off, Canada $200, although some stores in Canada were $400 off last week . I don't know about Japan.

  • @jleo, thanks. The Sigma fp is one of the few cameras that can be readily bought in Japan for basically the same price as BandH after shipping and customs. Most (Nikon for example) are a huge markup in Japan. There is a barely used one I have been eyeing with Directors view finder and unused kit lens right now for basically $1700USD. I would need to sell my Z6 first though.

  • Just picked up a Sigma FP in Mumbai today, it's been available in India for ₹96,000 ($1299) for over a month and a half now.

    The Camera comes updated with Firmware 2.02

  • @Greenidge

    Nice, can you post some nice video samples?

  • Hi everyone! Planing to buy sigma fp , but I am not sure about some issues. Did they solve the problems with strange heavy aliasing/moire artifacts?

  • Firmware 2.03

    1. Corrected issue where the REC trigger doesn’t work when a gimbal is connected to camera via USB and an external monitor / recorder is connected via HDMI.
    2. Corrected issue where the panning detection functionality doesn’t work when the image stabilization switch of the Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 70-200mm F2.8 O.I.S. lens is set to MODE2.
    3. Corrected issue where the camera freezes when selecting “Further Options” within “Mode Settings” when the language is set to “Russian”.

  • Just one screw! Sigma fp flip screen modification self-assemby

  • Sigma will start the "SIGMA fp cashback campaign" targeting the mirrorless camera "SIGMA fp" on March 26th.

    If you purchase SIGMA fp and apply during the target purchase period, you can receive a cashback of up to 30,000 yen. The target purchase period is from March 26th (Friday) to May 18th (Tuesday). The application deadline is May 26 (Wednesday) until the postmark on the day.

    The cashback amount is 20,000 yen if you purchase only the "SIGMA fp" main unit, and 30,000 yen if you purchase the "SIGMA fp + 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary KIT".

    The target products are limited to new products purchased in Japan.

    International cashback program can also start soon.

  • We would like to outline the details of firmware update Ver.3.00 for the world's smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera, the SIGMA fp.

    Updating the camera's firmware to Ver.3.00 adds various functions such as new "Color Modes" (Powder Blue, Duotone), compatibility with the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11 and the ability to save/load camera settings using QR codes. The development of this firmware is at its final stage, and we are planning to make it available to download from Thursday June 3, 2021.

    We are also preparing a firmware update for the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11, which will be made available on June 3.

    SIGMA fp firmware Ver.3.00, Available : Thursday June 3, 2021

    Key benefits of the update

    • It becomes compatible with the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11.
    • It adds new color modes "Powder Blue" and "Duotone".
    • It enables users to save and load camera settings using QR codes.
    • It adds the "Quick Focus Frame Shift" function.
    • It increases the number of functions that can be assigned to Custom Buttons.
    • It enhances the "Flicker Control" function.
    • It improves AF operation to achieve better stability.
    • It improves the image quality of JPEG files.
    • It adds the "Custom Frame" option to Frame Guide.
  • I'm also pretty certain it'll get an in camera true 24p mode, Johnnie from CineD had confirmed this with me a couple of months ago after speaking to people at Sigma.

  • Firmware Ver.3.00

    • It adds new Color Modes “Powder Blue” and “Duotone”.
    • It adds the “Save/Load Settings” function whereby users are able to save and load the camera settings using a QR code.
    • It adds compatibility with the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11.
    • It adds the “Automatic switch to the LCD monitor display” function whereby users are able to preview images and operate the menu on the camera’s LCD monitor while using the View button, MENU button and QS button etc., even when using the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11 with the monitor selector set to [EVF].
    • It adds the “Quick Focus Frame Shift” function whereby users are able to use the Rear Dial’s direction buttons to directly move the focus frame.
    • It adds “Custom Buttons” functions whereby users are able to assign their desired functions such as “Exposure Compensation” and “Depth of Field Preview” to the AEL button, Rear Dial (direction button), Tone Control button, Color Mode button and MODE (Shooting Mode) button.
    • It adds “LCD Off Mode” to the Display Mode settings whereby the LCD monitor turns off during shooting or when the camera is not in operation.
    • It adds a “Screenshot” feature whereby users are able to save any screen displayed on the LCD monitor as a still-image file.
    • It enables users to move the focus frame even when the image is enlarged during shooting in AF or MF.
    • It adds 24fps and 48fps frame rates (only at FHD resolution) in the Movie Record Setting.
    • It adds “KOMODO 6K” by RED Digital Cinema in the Director’s Viewfinder mode.
    • It adds a “Custom Frame” option to the Frame Guide function, enabling users to enter any desired aspect ratio or absolute size value on the image sensor.
    • It changes the specification to enable users to adjust the “Color Temperature” setting in “White balance” in custom 50K increments.
    • It improves AF operation to achieve better accuracy, stability and followability.
    • It enhances the “Flicker Control” function.
    • It improves the image quality of JPEG files.
    • Other various improvements.