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RED surpassed Beats by Dr Dre margins record selling you just consumer SSD
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  • RED must have learned their tricks from the inkjet printer industry. 5 cents of ink for $$$$$$!!! Then there's NIKE, $100 for a 50 cent shoe!!! And American health care... charging up to $100 for one aspirin.


  • Input from extreme libertarian:

    Louis has big conflict of interests :-) As all his business is build on trying to work against big corporations interests repairing stuff and stealing some data and part from them in the process (board views, schemes, tools). Plus also need to banish them, rightfully so, at his channel. Yet in all other videos we will see badly economically educated libertarian not understanding that he is fully talking about and asking you to work harder, fully ignoring all the major stuff he observe each day at work.

    As he constantly refers that someone has right to set such prices because... it is such niche or such, it is all based in libertarian free market principles. Unfortunately it does not fit with any reality he see around with big corporations and their proprietary stuff with lot of state institutions to defend them. As for this to be ever remotely true we must see all the Red Mag info fully open and many manufacturers of compatible storage. Whole stuff started as one small manufacturer opened up some info and stopped silence around this.

  • @jleo

    It is called capitalism in general. Goal is not to solve problem - but to rip you in the process and preferably to solve it only temporarily. Only important stuff become the transaction - for you to pay maximum money for "solution".

    Most people think that RED stuff is quite innocent small specialized thingy. But if you seriously will intent to stop all such ways for RED and similar, this guys are going to put all the money into real guns to stop such group of people. Thy will not stop at talking if they will feel that it is serious. All masks will be off and this guys will go after anyone who threatens their nice shiny existence based on lies.

  • I really hope that Jarred Land will find courage to find a gun and will shot himself after all this videos series. If he has any integrity at all.

    Also useful here to see how RED magic works here (Panasonic used similar tactics in communities and hated that at PV it had been stopped at once from the start), how organized and cross referenced posts are being made.

  • Someone on after losing money in the marketplace

    "No PAYPAL no escrow because I thought we are in one big family and registered by I am in a safe position but I know already I have to be very careful next time"

    From Jarred, in rules of conduct, also

    "6. Remember.. you are visiting our house , so above all.. please be respectful."

    Looks more of a sect than a manufacturer...

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    Well, Jared even wanted to make main BlackMagic forum to be owned by him (in addition to

    It took me significant time and effort to explain to BM guys that they are doing. No one ever said thanks to me after doing exactly as I said and making their own separate forum.

  • Just watch that happens if you lack enough education and use common logic and some part of libertarian views.

    He doesn't have replacement chips and parts, has issues with schematics - and thinks that it is because of individually bad Apple, and still respect intellectual property. Well, shit, wrong!

    It is because of your beloved capitalism that big corporation finally win and form monopolies or quasi-monopolies. This guys in turn maximize their profits by cutting access to all information, schemes, parts, they introduce extreme security measures.

    Thing is, in socialism you so hate, each thing came with schematic (by law), even very simple ones. And schemes for TV sets had been really big. Same had been true for parts, as factory had been required to send parts to nearest official service (just one that repaired all stuff).

    One of big China advantages is exactly disrespect to so called "intellectual right", that are not rights but blatant disrespect to logic and way to steal common work. As factories and manufacturers in China just share stuff they found good, most of the time for free, just as part of continues sharing. Some copy and steal, but it is also little different compared to that you can imagine.

  • One of RED ex workers with lot of contacts inside sent me small note.

    It is panic inside RED now.
    They are extremely afraid considering any REDCODE detailed explanation and camera hardware analysis now.
    As RED camera detailed dissection by pro engineers can unveil similar margins.
    Firm is in very unstable state, as any weakness will be used by lot of companies to fight back in the raw video patents fight. And this can kill RED. As company won't be able to make enough new gear without this patents.

  • Mini Mag topic closed to further comments over at Andrew’s site. LOL

  • By now it should not come as a surprise that REDs display interface is just DVI over a proprietary connector.

    Or that a 1450 USD RED LCD has 40 USD worth of electronics sourced from the cheapest manufacturer.

  • @EspenB

    This guys do important things.

    PV just need to spread similar approach to all camera market.

  • And the most fun in this all is that mighty BlackMagic had been cornered by this same patent that is discussed in this video. And they just backed and paid, paid and backed off.

    And this happened because they relied on professional lawyers, who actually did not want to do any real research on the subject. Plus they did not want to go to litigation, as in return number of BM own patents could be made invalid due to nice amount of funds and power of RED legal team.

    And next series will be legal attack on RED most precious asset - patented wavelet algorithm. Most people actually do not remember that back in 2002-2007 it had been big popularity of using wavelets for compression, mostly for still images. It all went away as wavelets are very inefficient, and now HEVC level algorithms far outpace wavelets in visual quality under same compression of individual frames.

  • Whoa so Red have sued Andrew before, no wonder he was quiet about it, now the can has opened..

    So funny the guy at newshooter is still clueless with the RED fiasco, the guy there even ask what's all the negative comment come from lol

  • @ntsan

    So funny the guy at newshooter is still clueless with the RED fiasco, the guy there even ask what's all the negative comment come from lol

    They are just smart :-) As usual prediction is that RED will stand and industry will find a way to deal with this Jinni guy, may be even with criminal methods if it will become necessary.

    So, idea to keep very good relations is smart.

    Whoa so Red have sued Andrew before, no wonder he was quiet about it, now the can has opened..

    They never sued him, but scared him with just written words. He himself signed non enforceable obligations that had been probably against the law.

    I can understand him, as in capitalism law is not the little letters written in big books. It is more dependent on your money pockets contents. And Red had been good at this.

  • I'm pretty sure someone said this at Red HQ " **** you Jim ! I told you 3 years ago just give the is UK guy 10M$ and sign this ******* agreement but you chose to sue him and now we'll gonna loose it all "

  • It’s always been amazing to me that RED have these patents. Even the mighty RedCode, which I will concede happily is a great and flexible codec, seems to be really a variant of Cineform.

    If you look at the model of how RED works they tend to BUY the tech in, tie it up as an exclusive.

    Look at their lenses.

    Look at the first EVF they made ( was originally a company called accuscene making EVFs for any camera)

    There was also a company making matteboxes and accessories when they first started out that were “bought” by RED.

    Look at the motion mount. Not their tech. Just bought in-house and then denied to others.

    Now this is just business. And yes in terms of margins I don’t begrudge them charging whatever they can get away with. It’s what everyone does.

    But the way they have represented their technology is pretty sly. And that’s what’s pissed people off. And they also have a well deserved reputation for suing everyone. Just imagine how many that are out there that still can’t talk because of RED NDAs


  • But the way they have represented their technology is pretty sly. And that’s what’s pissed people off. And they also have a well deserved reputation for suing everyone. Just imagine how many that are out there that still can’t talk because of RED NDAs

    Well, Red's of this world are swellings of capitalism and require some surgery .

  • It seems Red state is much worse then we though - Apple wants to annul their main patent!


    And can check that they have different approach, using experts to declare that they did not have anything original that can be patented

    I have been asked to provide my opinions regarding whether claims 1-30 of the ’314 Patent are unpatentable, either because they are anticipated or would have been obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the art (“POSITA”) at the time of the alleged invention, in light of the prior art. After careful analysis it is my opinion that all of the limitations of claims 1-30 would have been obvious to a POSITA.

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  • Thank you guys for this sleuthing - now this story is on EOSHD:

    If anyone has contacts at the NYTimes, Gizmodo, Hollywood Reporter, etc etc - that will also help.
    It would be a good thing for our industry to have more cameras allow compressed raw. Imagine an arri alexa with compressed raw?

  • @eddavid

    You mean that EOSHD become authority in tech and legal aspects? Or I had been living all this years on Mars and suddenly missed this? I mean, Andrew has some anarchy in his DNA, but all else..

    Pro journalists will consult proper people and write proper stuff. I mean, about how good patent system is, how it inspire innovation, but some hiccups can rarely happen and our best courts will make proper decision that we must abide.

    See? I saved you lot of time.

  • I can't get a single journalist from a major publication to cover this story. If you or anyone can help get one, I would be much appreciated. No one seems too interested. Is the cinematography world that small?

    And you still have to admire Andrew for putting this out there!!! He has put his neck out, especially after the NDA against him!

    Also I admire you Vitaliy as well for doing this!!!

  • @eddavid

    Do not worry, it all will be in the press by itself, just give it some time.

  • I just added it to Wikipedia so now reputable journalists will have somewhere to copy paste from.

  • Small part that new Jini series will be about:



    *Although JPEG2000 is a helpful analogy, RED®'s approach has been custom-designed for the needs of high data rate motion capture, and thus cannot be compared directly. Specific implementations of JPEG2000 also vary.



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  • "RED-CODE seamlessly auto-segments into 4 GB files."

    Just like GoPro.

    How the heck did they manage to get a patent for this. (Not refering to 4GB segmentation.)