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Short film shot with GH2 + Lomo cinema lenses
  • I know a few peeps here are fans of Lomo lenses (and some are also selling them on here), so I've finally been able to upload a short I DP'ed last year shot here in Hong Kong with the GH2 (unhacked!), filmed entirely with Lomo OCT-19 glass: Standard speeds 18mm (a bit unsharp here), 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 37-140. Plus a 35mm T1.4 for the stills used in the short. Unfortunately I couldn't secure the 1080 version, this was a DVD rip. The short is gonna try some other fests so I have to keep it private viewing for now. It's called "This File Cannot Be Deleted" (director's in-joke) and is in Chinese, so it has English subtitles. The story is loose at best, but I'd say most of you would like to see the quality of the lenses. It was showcased at a film festival here and held up very well on the big screen.

    pass: delete

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  • @L1N3ARX Hey thanks, not sure actually.

    @Kount_Michula And thank you for watching! Uh no, remember I was just the DP. I don't believe it was graded either. I used Cinema mode. This was also before the hacks came out.

  • Really nicely photographed, @ed_lee83. Thanks for sharing. Did you grade the images as well? If so, I'd be interested to hear more about your process, as the colours and curves seem film-like and natural.

  • Great job man. What kind of mic did you use for dialog?

  • Ah I totally understand....

    Just selling extras that I have. I was going to put two full sets together for a pilot my friend was producing, only to have the finances drop out. I guess this thing happens when your lead actors rich relative (who is funding) gets cold feet.

  • @robmneilson Speaking of which, why were you selling your lenses? Or do you have extra? Nah I worked hard to collect the Lomo's, and I'm not that desperate for money.... yet.

  • Still, that's not bad for the price...probably worth putting on ebay if you don't need it as a paperweight!

  • Dont say that - gonna have to now - must resist!!!

  • @soundgh2 @robmneilson It goes very well with the standard primes but my particular one is very soft in the corners. Heavy as a brick. Nice collectable to have but likely won't use it again. I got mine for $175, but now prices are higher these days.

  • I enjoyed it very much, especially because of the secret..

  • Nice images! But yes, tell us about the Foton zoom? I've been toying with the idea of picking one up...but not sure if its worth it.

  • @ed_lee83

    lol time for me to buy some goggles! Ta mate

    PS how's the Foton zoom hold up against the primes ?

  • I really like the story and much of the footage / image washes. However, sometimes hand-held felt a bit stressing in an otherwise low-key and interesting story.. Maybe stabilization in post for some scenes would have sufficed, I don't know. Good work, anyhow!

  • @danyyyel Thanks for watching

    @soundgh2 Thanks man. Mentioned in the description above re: lenses

  • Nice :) - what lenses you use ?

  • I like the story, the old father/grand father was very good and emotional character.