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Poor fate of cloud powered devices
  • Microsoft has announced today that it plans to kill off its Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health Dashboard apps and services on May 31st. On May 31st, with the backend services ending and the apps being removed from the Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Apple’s App Store.

    Existing Band users will be able to export their data before the end of May, and services powered by the cloud will cease to function in June. If a Band user resets a device then it will be “impossible to set up the device again” according to Microsoft.

    And after this they will go talk about using only solar energy and being green. Shits.

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  • Got this email today. Sad to see. I really liked my Band when it was still working. I was a bit too rough on it though. I didn't get it for fitness reasons but as a nice interface to control my phone while working on/under cars and equipment. The rubber exterior did not hold up on concrete and asphalt.