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Lenses companies abandon m43, Nikon F and Canon EF mounts
  • Observations and talks with lenses companies show that while they will continue to make F and EF mounts lenses in the years to come they no longer focus on them.

    Almost all new designs will be made for FF mirrorless sensors. It will be some exceptions still, but they will be few and mostly adaptations of retro designs.

    It is also expected that in second half of 2019 Nikon and Canon start reducing older lenses production themselves by around 20-25%.

    With entry level consumer FF mirrorless camera coming in late 2019 and early 2020 transition will pick up even more speed.

    In 2021 outside FF mirrorless we will have:

    1. 1-3 m43 camera models, all of them premium with prices higher than most FF models
    2. Fujifilm and some Sony APS-C cameras, but Fujifilm will also jump ship during 2021 and fully change lenses lineup
    3. 1-2 Canon Pro DSLR models
    4. 1 Nikon Pro DSLR model

    Market size in terms of bodies sold will further drop around 50-75% from current level.

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  • Why do you think Fuji will jump ship in 2021 and change lens line up? I haven't heard anything that even hints at that. They seem to be standing firm on APSC and all though could use some refresh in there older lenses they seem to be standing firm there as well.